“Colors of Hawaii” at Foot of Cam Mountain

8:36:12 AM | 3/22/2023

Situated on the 21-hectare area in Cam Mountain, Thanh Long Water Park carries a wild but modern-entertaining beauty. This place is becoming the hottest tourist destination in the Southwest of Vietnam because of its uniqueness, sophistication and "very Hawaiian colors".


With a variety of new attractive water entertainment forms for both adults and children, and a very popular photo-shooting check-in place with endless green Infinity Lake, amazing recreational activities at Amazon Kids, this park will help visitors cool off and get rid of earthly dust before stepping up to the fairyland to worship the Buddha by simply sitting on modern Nui Cam Cable Car at an affordable ticket price.

Set against the majestic Cam Mountain, Thanh Long Water Park not only inherits the beautiful scenery of nature but also is equipped with an extremely marvelous man-made waterfall system.

The 27-meter waterfall is the main work of Thanh Long Water Park. It carries the natural water of mountains and forests into an 800-meter-long green winding stream, decorated by thousands of pieces of rock in various sizes and dozens of photos about the mysterious Seven Mountains.  

Like an amazing miniature Hawaii characterized by the dances of rolling waves in surprising vitality, Thanh Long Water Park is a colorful complex of entertainment and cuisine. After dipping in the clear blue water, you will enjoy a refreshing meal inside the cable car area, recharging you with positive energy for an ongoing journey to conquer the next exciting goals with the standard cable car system.

The cable cabin will take you to admire and touch the charming beauty of Cam Mountain which is famous for its lively space that gives you a meaningful experience.

Experiencing spiritual and recreational tourism in Thanh Long Water Park, Cam Mountain, you will create the opportunity for yourselves to find spiritual sublimation, improve mental health and get balance and happiness in life.

Delicious food and drink at Nui Cam Cable Car after the experience at Thanh Long Water Park

Cam Mountain stands out as the roof of the Southwest land, a mystery in the windy and cloudy space for you to explore. Spiritual and recreational tourism in a miniature Hawaii is increasingly attractive. This model positions the brand of Cam Mountain tourism to all tourists who love to ponder and "hunt clouds" from the heights.

By Phong Lan, Vietnam Business Forum