460 Valid Investment Projects in Vinh Phuc IZs

8:19:38 AM | 8/9/2023

As of June 15, 2023, Vinh Phuc province-based industrial zones (IZs) hosted 460 valid investment projects, comprising 102 domestic projects with VND31,200.51 billion (US$1.35 billion) of investment capital and 358 FDI projects with US$6.14 billion.

CNCTech Company -  a pioneer in CNC machining technology in Thang Long Industrial Park Vinh Phuc

In the first six months of 2023, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Zones Management Board granted licenses to 16 new projects and approved 19 existing projects to expand their investment in local IZs. Among the 16 new projects, 11 FDI projects registered US$139.9 million and five domestic projects invested VND3,313 billion (US$143 million). Among the 19 projects that increased their investment scale, 17 FDI projects added US$188.3 million and two domestic projects supplemented VND1,314.5 billion (US$57 million).

From January to June, local IZs saw eight more FDI projects become operational, bringing the total number of operational FDI projects to 399, accounting for 87% of all FDI projects there. They disbursed US$216.1 million, equivalent to the same period last year, raising the disbursed FDI value to US$3.65 billion, accounting for 59% of the registered fund. The invested value of domestic projects was VND769.15 billion, down 6% year on year, increasing the invested capital of domestic projects to VND12,893 billion, accounting for 41% of their registered capital.

In the last six months of 2023, Vinh Phuc IZs are expected to attract 3-5 more FDI projects with US$90-100 million and 2-3 domestic projects with VND200-300 billion and witness 10 more projects start production.

By Tran Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum