Improving Personnel Quality, Connecting Labor Supply and Demand

11:13:55 AM | 9/3/2023

Bac Giang province has made significant progress in improving the quality of human resources as stated in the resolution of the 13th Provincial Party Congress. According to Mr. Nguyen Tien Coi, Director of Bac Giang Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, human resources have improved and are now meeting the province’s socioeconomic development goals and tasks.

A representative of the human resources department of an enterprise in Bac Giang conducts an online interview with workers

How has the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) network in Bac Giang province developed?

To meet the needs of learners and the labor market, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs advised competent authorities to effectively carry out the planned roadmap for integrated TVET network as per Decision 219/QD-TTg dated February 17, 2022 of the Prime Minister on ratification of the Bac Giang Master Plan in 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. The department coordinated with relevant agencies to review, streamline and enhance the work performance of TVET facilities; developed a project on establishment of Bac Giang Mountainous College from the upgrade of Bac Giang Mountainous Vocational School, and complete and submit the dossier to this effect to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs for official establishment as scheduled. At the same time, it proposed to the Provincial People's Committee a roadmap on development of intermediate schools from the upgrade of district-level vocational education - continuing education centers.

At present, Bac Giang province has 35 TVET facilities, six fewer than in 2020. Particularly, colleges increased from two to five (three new colleges: Bac Giang Ngo Gia Tu College, Bac Giang Mountainous College and Border Guard College), while intermediate schools were reduced from eight to six (two removed schools: Yen The Mountainous Vocational High School and Bac Giang Medical High School). Meanwhile, the province has 15 TVET centers and nine TVET establishments, down seven units. The TVET network is distributed in all districts and cities to provide vocational training for workers, meet recruitment needs of local enterprises and serve local socioeconomic development.

What key tasks will the labor sector of Bac Giang province focus on to effectively execute Resolution 29-NQ/TW (November 17, 2022)? How will the sector develop high-quality human resources?

Developing high-quality human resources is one of the important tasks of our country in the coming time as stated in Resolution 29-NQ/TW. Carrying out its assigned functions and tasks, the Bac Giang labor sector will focus on executing the following key tasks:

First, further boosting propaganda to raise awareness of all levels of authority, sectors and society about the role of TVET facilities in human resource development; expanding the scale and providing favorable opportunities for workers and young people to access TVET services. By 2030, trained workers will make up over 90% of the workforce, with certified trained workers accounting for 40-45%.

Second, further ensuring TVET quality, promoting socialization and associating vocational training with enterprises. The department will actively direct TVET facilities to further reform training contents, programs and methods to build practicing capacity for apprentices; cooperate with enterprises in vocational education, focusing on training key occupations, inviting enterprises to participate in school councils, develop curricula and internship manuals, and assess learning outcomes of learners at TVET schools, and recruit graduates to work for them. The department will continue to advise competent authorities on implementing the master plan for TVET system development, ensure the training scale of vocational training levels and gradually meet the requirements of the labor market.

Third, the department will continue to effectively carry out vocational training policies in 2021 - 2025. It will concentrate on training and developing professions suitable to local key economic sectors and policies to attract intermediate and college students (to particularly train for tourism services, commerce and industrial parks). It will build a TVET management information system, inspect, supervise and accredit TVET quality and administer the granting of vocational certificates. The agency will facilitate domestic and foreign investors to invest in TVET.

In order to improve the "Labor Training" Index as well as accompany and support businesses and investors, what solutions will the department pursue in the coming time?

The Labor Training Index is meant to measure the effort of provincial leaders to foster vocational training, develop skills, create jobs for workers and support enterprises to recruit workers, and develop local industries. The Labor Training Index of Bac Giang province has advanced in ranking in recent years. Specifically, the province ranked 19th out of 63 provinces and cities in 2020, 18th in 2021 and 5th in 2022.

To improve its ranking on this Index, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, other departments, sectors and localities have focused on implementing consistent tasks and solutions according to the Vocational Education Development Strategy for the 2021-2030 period; Plan 20-KH/TU; Resolution 61/2022/NQ-HDND dated December 10, 2021 of the Provincial People's Council on vocational education support policies in Bac Giang province in 2021-2025; Decision 787/QD-UBND dated July 31, 2021 of the Provincial People's Committee on vocational education quality improvement project in Bac Giang province to meet development requirements in the new period and Plan 294/KH-UBND dated October 8 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee on vocational training and solutions to improve the quality of human resources through vocational training in 2021-2025.

In addition, the department will guide and urge implementation of vocational training and employment programs under the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in 2021-2025 and the National Target Program for Socioeconomic Development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in 2021 - 2030.

The department will direct the Employment Service Center to counsel and introduce jobs, connect labor supply and demand and facilitate enterprises to recruit workers like organizing career days (both online and offline forms) and job fairs across districts for workers, TVET facilities and businesses. In 2023, the department expected to host at least 76 job sessions for at least 300 companies to seek employees and for 18,000 workers to seek jobs and career counseling. The agency will open a dialogue conference on implementation of labor laws and policies for enterprises, which will be integrated with labor quality contents to help enterprises recruit suitable employees. It will strengthen connection and cooperation with enterprises in vocational training; closely coordinate with universal schools to reform and improve career guidance and channelize secondary students into TVET schools.

The Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs will continue to advise the Provincial People's Committee to accelerate administrative reform and enhance the quality of the business investment environment to attract investment. The department will review and propose reducing the process and time for handling administrative procedures (by 30% or more) to save time and money for businesses and people. The agency will update administrative procedures on the provincial public service portal and its website; create QR codes for all administrative procedures, sorted by category, for enterprises and people to look up and use them easily. At the same time, it will collaborate with social security agencies, the Labor Confederation, the Management Board of the Industrial Parks and the Provincial Business Association to organize joint conferences to discuss and answer questions raised by local companies.

Thank you very much!

By Tran Trang, Vietnam Business Forum