Training High-Quality Human Resources

7:37:45 AM | 9/4/2023

The education and training sector of Bac Giang province has made fundamental changes in many aspects associated with socioeconomic development. The scale of educational institutions has been constantly expanded. Human resources, teaching and learning facilities have been continuously invested in training high-quality human resources for local long-term development goals.

Mr. Ta Viet Hung, Director of Bac Giang Provincial Department of Education and Training, honors the Silver Medal winners of the International Chemistry Olympiad in 2023

Asserting the leadership

Mr. Ta Viet Hung, Director of the Bac Giang Department of Education and Training, said: "The 10-year journey of implementing fundamental and comprehensive educational reform in Bac Giang has markedly changed both thinking and educational results. Good innovations and methodologies have motivated the province to advance into the group of leaders in the country.

The province now has 760 educational facilities (174 more than in 1997) to meet learning demand and educational innovation. Bac Giang has 152 schools of Level 2 national standard and 710/760 schools of Level 1 national standard (697 more than in 1998).

Educational administration has also markedly progressed. Teachers and educational administrators at all levels are provided the chance to grow in headcount, quality and structure to fulfill assigned tasks.

The quality of comprehensive education at all levels has been constantly improved. Key education has tended to spread and grow. The number of primary, middle and high school graduates is always higher than the given annual target. The province launched projects, mechanisms and policies to invest, develop and improve the quality of Bac Giang Gifted High School and high-quality middle schools in 10 districts and cities to raise training quality for gifted students.

In 2022, despite being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the average score of high-school graduation still ranked 11th nationwide. The province had 66 prize-winning students at national cultural excellence exams, the most since its re-establishment, ranking 8th in the country. In 2023, the province had 59/89 candidates winning national distinction contests, ranking 8th in first prizes and 12th in total prizes in the country. Specially, three students won international and regional Olympic medals, the most since the province was re-established. In the last high school graduation exam in 2023, one Bac Giang student among three in the country scored highest A00 points in the country.

In addition, professional education and vocational training have also been invested in and made great progress. The quality of human resources has been enhanced to better support socioeconomic development. Bac Giang Department of Education and Training has honorably received many emulation flags from the Ministry of Education and Training. Many collectives and individuals in the education sector have been complimented by the Government, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Provincial People's Committee.

Ongoing reforms, higher teaching and learning quality

According to Director Ta Viet Hung, to have the above results, in addition to the timely support and direction of the Party and authorities at all levels, there is also the effort the education sector with dynamic, flexible and creative ways of working.

Bac Giang has taken the lead in the country in actively assigning general education programs to schools for implementation since 2014. The province is also the first to successfully build lesson-studied professional activity models which have been scaled up nationwide by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Moreover, to accelerate digital transformation, Bac Giang province built an electronic lecture management system and provided standardized online course services for teaching and learning innovation. At the same time, the province reformed and constructed a comprehensive digital transformation tool for testing and assessment at high school; built digital school software (e-learning library and digital transformation support for schools). In the 2021 - 2022 school year, the education sector of Bac Giang province was praised as a typical example for flexible teaching amid the complicated COVID-19 epidemic breakout. The combination of online and offline teaching was also highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education and Training and deployed to other provinces and cities.

To further reform and improve educational quality comprehensively, in the coming time, the province's education and training sector will enhance innovation and creativity in administration, teaching and learning and drastically implement solutions to successfully achieve its given targets and plans. The sector will focus on investing in digital transformation, raising personnel quality, improving the effectiveness of foreign language teaching for extensive development and integration, reforming teaching and learning contents and methodologies to inspire students' initiative and creativity.

The sector will raise the effectiveness and efficiency of education and training administration by decentralizing powers, applying information technology and creating breakthrough development. It will continue to invest in training excellent students and improve the outcome of high school graduation as well as the quality of national distinction examinations.

Besides, the sector will increase investment in facilities to ensure educational quality; mobilize investment resources for non-state education; strengthen inspection and examination to build a healthy educational environment, prevent and strictly handle violations; reform and create transformational changes in training quality and vocational education outcome; and improve the quality of labor resources to match labor market needs and socioeconomic development requirements. Having done so, Bac Giang province will be able to develop rapidly and sustainably and become a modern industrial province by 2030.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum