Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd: Continuously Improving Meal Quality for Workers

2:25:54 PM | 10/23/2023

Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd, established in 2011, is a leading supplier of industrial foods and meals in Hai Phong City. With the motto “Service from honesty, development from prestige,” the company has become a partner of many factories and companies inside and outside the city.

The company's employees are provided regular health checks and are trained on food hygiene and safety

Staffed by more than 500 employees, the company provides canned meals and directly cooks meals in the kitchens of customer partners. The company has experienced managers and skilled chefs trained and graduated from culinary schools across the country. Bao Chau supplies about 50,000 meals a day to workers in industrial parks and factories in Hai Phong City and other localities.

Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd always attaches special importance to health and safety. Since its inception, the company has focused on building the highest criteria and standards in providing industrial meals such as menu, nutrition, food supply and cooking.

“We are aware that supplying safe foods is extremely important because it not only directly affects human health, but also affirms the responsibility to the community and the conscience of food processors and suppliers,” a representative of Bao Chau Company said.

The company always sets the highest ingredient criteria. 100% of ingredients for meals are selected from suppliers and partners with organic production processes that ensure food hygiene and safety standards. To guarantee food quality, the company directly signed contracts with food suppliers and appointed supervisors to work in farming areas. All processed foods are fully sampled according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Bao Chau always attaches great importance to health and safety of customers

Besides, aiming for sustainable business goals, the company has developed a closed process of supplying food ingredients, “from farm to fork”. To achieve its missions and goals, over the years, Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd has invested in a farming system to ensure a controlled food supply. Food ingredients are actively grown and raised by the company in a linked chain, under the supervision of experts, ensuring safety, so that workers and laborers can use natural fresh foods.

Furthermore, ensuring food hygiene and safety is always Bao Chau's top priority. The company applies and strictly complies with domestic food hygiene and safety regulations, and applies advanced international standards such as HACCP, PRPS and OPRPS to quality management in kitchen operations.

In particular, in addition to strictly adopting the one-way principle in preliminary food processing, the company regularly coordinates with relevant units and companies to monitor the quality of meals, ingredients and processes. Customer workers are provided regular health checks to make sure that they are free from infectious diseases and get good training on food hygiene and safety.

Furthermore, to serve fast food processing and ensure nutrition and safety, Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd purchased imported stainless steel rice trays, spoons, and containers and electric industrial rice cookers. The company has fruit and vegetable cutters, insulation cabinets, food tray washing machines and food trucks to make sure that meals are always kept hot when they are transported from the company to factory kitchens.

For Bao Chau, customer satisfaction is a measure of business value and a prerequisite for any development. Aimed to become a leading supplier of industrial meals in Vietnam, in the coming time, Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd will constantly improve quality and expand the scale of operations and focus on researching diverse meals to meet customer requirements, thus helping provide quality, nutritious meals and helping workers regenerate energy for production.

Ngoc Tung (Vietnam Business Forum)