Collective Endeavors for Poverty Alleviation, Economic Advancement

10:26:43 AM | 11/16/2023

The endeavor to expedite targeted communications aimed at fostering public consensus and actively involving the populace in endeavors related to economic development, hunger eradication and poverty reduction has been instrumental in the progress of new rural development. The amalgamated efforts of the Party, government and the citizens of Chieng Dong commune in Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien province, have solidified the profound national unity, progressively elevated the living standards of its inhabitants, and fulfilled the stipulated criteria for new rural development.

Chieng Dong commune exemplifies steadfast national unity and progressive elevation of living standards

Mr. Lo Van Hoan, Chairman of the Chieng Dong People's Committee, has articulated the effectiveness of the "All people unite to build new rural areas and urban culture" campaign, wherein the Party Committee and local authorities have diligently disseminated the campaign's significance, objectives, and specific components, thereby engaging the entire populace. Through persistent and diverse communication approaches, the local residents have gained a deeper understanding of their vested interests, roles, and responsibilities in contributing to the construction of the new countryside. Consequently, they willingly and enthusiastically support initiatives, as evidenced by their contributions exceeding VND400 million for the construction of a cultural house and land donations and labor assistance for the construction of concrete roads in various villages.

So far in 2023, the commune has orchestrated the planting of over 45 hectares of macadamia trees and facilitated financial support to bolster production and business development. The community consistently rallies contributions and donations for the "For the Poor" Fund to aid impoverished households in replacing temporary or dilapidated housing, fostering stability in their lives. Chieng Dong also collaborates with charitable organizations and businesses to visit and offer assistance to impoverished households, culminating in the successful completion of six houses under the "Home of Love and Social Security" Program and 16 houses under the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction. Currently, the locality is concentrated on mobilizing resources to help 54 households build houses in alignment with the provincial project for supporting housing construction for impoverished families, with 19 houses already completed.

In pursuit of a cultured living environment in residential areas, Chieng Dong inspires local residents to adhere to regulations concerning civilized practices during weddings, funerals and rituals. Each household bears the responsibility of creating a harmonious family and participating in campaigns such as "cultural family" and "cultural village," with 713 households in the commune currently holding the title of "cultural family," encompassing nearly 60% of the total. Five out of 10 villages have also achieved this recognition.

In terms of environmental protection, climate change mitigation, and the cultivation of pristine landscapes, villagers consistently engage in activities such as road and alley cleaning, garbage collection, sewer maintenance, hygienic latrine construction, and the establishment of proper landfill sites. In the past two years, Chieng Dong has supported 50 households in the highland villages of Hua Na and Hua Chan in constructing hygienic latrines, with a total budget exceeding VND56 million. Notably, the commune has initiated and sustained several effective models within its villages, including "Bright - Green - Clean - Beautiful Residential Area," "Residential Areas Committed to Environmental Protection and Climate Change Response," and "Self-Managed Security Groups." Additionally, the community fosters respect for village regulations, upholds security and order, refrains from violating the law, and combats social issues, all while promoting the role of reconciliation in conflict resolution to cultivate a harmonious atmosphere in residential areas.

By upholding the principles of public unity and unanimity in the pursuit of new rural development objectives, Chieng Dong commune has realized remarkable achievements. As of the present, the commune has met 14 out of the 19 criteria for new rural development. Per capita income has witnessed an increase, exceeding VND28 million annually, while the poverty rate has decreased to just over 46%. The material and spiritual well-being of the populace has experienced a gradual and significant enhancement.

By Ngoc Dan, Vietnam Business Forum