Vietcombank Binh Duong: Overcoming Headwinds for Growth

10:21:13 AM | 1/30/2024

Difficulties exerted strong impacts on businesses as well as banks in 2023. Vietcombank Binh Duong tried its best to surmount economic headwinds to achieve positive business results while ensuring asset safety, operational safety and controlling asset quality.

Vietcombank Binh Duong identifies customer support as a key activity in its operations

Mr. Nguyen Thai Minh Quang, Director of Vietcombank Binh Duong, said, in 2023, the branch's customer care and customer service quality continued to be enhanced. The branch managed to develop a new, very diverse potential portfolio of big customers and projects.

“Many customers are being approached and appraised. Some customers and projects have been approved. Some have started to make transactions and transfer revenue into their accounts opened at Vietcombank Binh Duong. This will be a premise and foundation for significant growth in 2024 and the following years,” he said.

Another bright business highlight of Vietcombank Binh Duong was the strong shift of transactions to digital channels, conducted by both individual and corporate customers. That facilitated and improved customer experiences and extended products and services to customers on digital channels and online banking.

In 2024, amid a challenging and difficult economy, Vietcombank Binh Duong will continue to make efforts to live through hardships to complete its business targets, he said, underscoring in-depth growth remodeling, continuous business development, sustainable and effective growth, customer support and shared business opportunities.

“Operating in a province with many credit institutions, competitive pressure in the banking sector is increasing, requiring us to constantly improve the quality of products and services to retain and attract customers with competitive, modern, convenient banking products and services, and dedicated customer care policies,” he added.

To enhance service quality and fully meet customer needs and satisfaction, Vietcombank Binh Duong has transformed its retailing operations to boost customer experiences and reduce transaction time at the counter for customers. At the same time, the branch regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys at the counter, on digital channels and private programs to gauge customer satisfaction and receive customer opinions and feedback on service quality to work out solutions for better service quality.

Quang said that Vietcombank Binh Duong will continue to reinforce new customer development to match the local position and potential; implement a dedicated customer care policy, build trust and strengthen reputation with customers, thus opening up opportunities for the branch to approach and develop new customers.

At the same time, the branch will carry out credit growth and restructure effective and sustainable credit; expand short-term credit, retail credit and preferential credit, and other associate products and services. “We are restructuring our borrower portfolio, diversifying our portfolio and intensifying strict credit quality control at present,” he added.

In 2023, Vietcombank Binh Duong's deposits grew by 7% year on year and reached 98% of the plan and loans expanded 13% as planned. International payment and trade finance value reached approximately US$3 billion, fulfilling 90% of the yearly plan. The new customer development completed 102% of the plan and the number of customers using digital banking services equalled 115% of the yearly plan.

In addition, siding with local companies to overcome difficulties and challenges, Vietcombank Binh Duong defines customer support as a key activity.

Accordingly, Vietcombank Binh Duong will launch many policies and products to accompany and support customers, including preferential lending programs with competitive interest rates, interest rate agreements, special interest rates, loan interest rates for prioritized industries and fields according to regulations of the Government and the State Bank. These incentive programs, along with many forms of appropriate support, have helped customers overcome difficulties, maintain and develop their business operations and promote socioeconomic development.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum