New Source of Energy at Foot of Cam Mountain

8:02:35 AM | 2/9/2024

The immense and spectacular Cam Mountain is the Mountain God of residents in the Seven Mountains. The highest mountain in the southwest hides so many mysteries that cannot be fully discovered till today. Sacredness is what is used to describe this scenery. Standing on the peak cliff, the below is the endless space, with the most impressive being An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area that looks like a shining flat mirror.

Modern breath

Missioned to ignite the flame of passion and the vitality of the technology era, An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area in the heart of the rich countryside has awakened the five senses and revived every peaceful corner to mix with the hustle and bustle of the new era.

Not only does An Hao Solar Farm create stable jobs for young workers, highly qualified workers and unskilled workers in the locality but it is also a launching pad for the green economy. It has witnessed outstanding development and unbelievable changes here on the renovation path.

Most impressively, it is a unique combination, a clean smoke-free model in the heart of industrialization, like a cool green melody that dignifies the beauty of the natural landscape and human intelligence.

Every year, An Hao Solar Farm persistently transforms dazzling solar energy into countless streams of clean electricity and makes great contributions to the national energy source. That is a perfect, convincing demonstration of the intersection of two key factors: Progressing towards the inevitable trend of global clean energy and maximizing the source of golden sunshine bestowed on the Seven Mountains region.

Response from the young

It's hard to imagine that the arid place has now become a place of interest for active young people. From a quiet operating space, it has become a passion and attracted attention from schools and adventurous souls. Every summer, fall or spring, it hears bustling laughter and exciting footsteps of students flocking here despite harsh weather or sunny days.

The youth of An Hao Solar Farm welcomes a dynamic new day

At the end of the road, behind magnificent solar panel lines lies a paradise of leisure and entertainment, peacefully located at the foot of the majestic Cam Mountain. The atmosphere here is always cool and fresh, filled up travelers' chests. The first scene to the mind and eyes of visitors is the poetic Thien Canh Lake in the center, likened to a sparkling jade in the middle of heaven and earth. A captivating natural masterpiece, always filled with clear underground water from the mountain, never loses its fresh green look at any time of the year.

On the bank, the garden system is meticulously pruned with all shapes of flowers and grass, blooming vibrantly at the end of the year, along with fruit-laden gardens. Going along each paved road, you will come across many interesting places, from sheep, rabbit and camel barns to restaurant bungalows with subtle local cuisines. The water tower, more than 20 meters high with winding stairs, takes you to the top to enjoy the surreal panorama. Or if you love spirituality, you can quietly come and worship the Buddha's natural rock hand with a lot of mysteries in a mango garden.

Admiring the Buddha's Hand

In the era of social networks and harmful content booming, spending time learning about a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Carefully finding useful things to stay away from a useless virtual lifestyle will make you feel love for life and cherish the happy time with your loved ones. An Hao Solar Farm is a choice not to be missed in the journey to adulthood with interesting experiential tours.

Van Van (Vietnam Business Forum)