Opportunity to Tour Europe with HDBank

10:10:13 AM | 7/11/2024

In its special promotion program for the Euro 2024 football tournament, HDBank offers the opportunity to enjoy a nine-day, eight-night tour to Europe for two people to watch the most attractive football tournament for customers making transactions on HDBank mobile application.

HDBank's Euro 2024 promotion offers customers using their mobile app a chance to win a nine-day, eight-night tour to Europe to watch the tournament

Cheering Euro 2024

With the special promotion program called “Touring Europe, living with Euro 2024” from June 12 to August 12, 2024, when making transactions on the HDBank mobile application, customers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the passionate atmosphere of one of the most exciting football tournaments on the planet - Euro 2024 and win high value prizes.

The challenge is simple. Customers are entitled to join two main challenges: “Shoot and win” and “King of the field”- in which they will be football players to kick the ball into the goal and get scores to win awards.

Prizes include cash prizes, vouchers and valuable artifacts. The program features two special prizes - a 9-day, 8-nights trip to Europe for two people, worth VND300 million, to watch the Euro 2024 final. In addition, lucky customers will have the chance to win a Honda SH 125i scooter worth VND75 million, five pieces of SJC 9999 gold worth VND41 million (two prizes) and cash of many different values.

To get more plays, customers only need to make one transaction with a value of VND200,000 or more like scanning QR code payment, topping up phone charges, paying bills, booking flights, booking hotel rooms and repaying loans.

Also, during this time, HDBank launched the “Happy Weekend 2024” program with a lot of incentives for customers paying with QR code, topping up phone charges, paying bills, booking train, booking plane, booking hotel rooms, and paying for deals on VnShop or even pay their loan on the mobile application at weekends from now till August 25, 2024.

HDBank will refund VND40,000 each to the first 200 customers who transact a minimum of VND100,000 on the HDBank app from 8:00 a.m. to 9:59 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The average balance in the payment account in seven days at the time of transaction must be at least VND1 million.

At the same time, the bank also has a code giveaway program under which a 50% discount of the transaction value, to at most VND70,000 for 100 first-time customers making transactions for taxi booking, flower ordering, movie ticket booking, sports and entertainment tickets on the HDBank mobile application on Saturdays and Sundays. Winners are the first customers in the day.

For current users of the HDBank app, the bank will also directly discount VND20,000 for 100 first customers paying for taxi booking, flower ordering, movie ticket booking, delivery, and sports services worth at least VND50,000 on the mobile application.

HDBank multitasking app for all needs

HDBank mobile application has also expanded the coverage of financial services such as money transfer, stock account opening and stock trading, smart credit statement control, savings deposits, loan registration, online gold purchases, and free desirable account number.

With the multitasking performance of the HDBank application and the special promotion program for the Euro 2024 season, HDBank customers are expected to have a leisurely summer of shopping and consumption and have the opportunity to tour Europe and watch the football matches.

By Le Phuong, Vietnam Business Forum