Soc Trang Constantly Improving Economic Competitiveness

5:41:30 PM | 17/4/2018 | SOC TRANG

In 2017, with high determination and many ground-breaking solutions, the Party, the government and the people of Soc Trang province achieved relatively inclusive results

Soc Trang Tourism Seeks to Fly High

7:52:08 PM | 14/4/2018 | SOC TRANG

To effectively unlock the potential and advantages of tourism development and quickly turn tourism into a key economic sector, on August 2, 2016, the Provincial Party Committee of Soc Trang province...

Soc Trang Province: Impressive Achievements over 25 Years of Development

4:12:56 PM | 29/8/2017 | SOC TRANG

For 25 years of re-establishment (1992 - 2017), Soc Trang province has attained important achievements, created a new appearance to urban and rural areas, significantly improved the material...

Soc Trang: Effective Mechanisms and Policies to Draw Investors

4:10:39 PM | 29/8/2017 | SOC TRANG

Since its re-establishment 25 years ago, Soc Trang province has applied many open policies to catch the fancy of investors. With the determination and engagement of the entire political system...

Industrial Zones- Launchpad for Soc Trang to Become Industrialised Province by 2020

4:06:14 PM | 29/8/2017 | SOC TRANG

Consistent investment support and encouragement policies and efforts to reform administrative procedures and improve the investment environment have helped industrial zones...

Soc Trang Industry: Long Strides over 25 Years

4:04:15 PM | 29/8/2017 | SOC TRANG

After 25 years since re-establishment, Soc Trang province has achieved encouraging socio-economic development results. And, industry has made a spectacular breakthrough...

For a Soc Trang of Comprehensive Innovation and Integration

3:59:56 PM | 29/8/2017 | SOC TRANG

In the past time, with effective changes in guidance and administration of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee...

Soc Trang Public Works Corporation: Moving forward with Urbanisation Process

3:56:58 PM | 29/8/2017 | SOC TRANG

Assigned to manage, operate and utilise technical infrastructure works in environment, drainage, green space and public lighting, Soc Trang Public Works One Member Limited Company...

VNPT Soc Trang: For a “True Life”

3:54:53 PM | 29/8/2017 | SOC TRANG

Officially put into operation in early 2008, after nearly 10 years of construction and development, VNPT Soc Trang has quickly affirmed its position as a leading provider of telecom...

Soc Trang Province Ready to Roll out Red Carpet to Welcome Investors

3:49:59 PM | 18/3/2016 | SOC TRANG

Not only possessing many advantages in investment attraction, Soc Trang province is also appreciated for having alluring incentive policies and active, considerate business support for investors...