Kameprise Manu Factoring Co., Ltd Invests US$8 Million in Thang Long Vinh Phuc IP

1:41:27 PM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

As one of the first five tenants in Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park, Kameprise Manu Factoring Vietnam Co., Ltd went into operation in late June 2019 with a total initial investment of over US$8 million. After nearly six months of operation, the company achieved revenue of over VND6 billion, created stable jobs for 30 employees, and pays average worker salary of nearly VND5 million a month.

Haesung Vina Outperforms Labor Safety and Fire Prevention

1:39:27 PM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

Haesung Vina Co., Ltd, wholly owned by South Korea, was established in 2011 in Khai Quang Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc province. In addition to improving product quality, expanding production, the company always pays attention to bettering working environment conditions and ensuring labor safety and fire prevention.

Vinh Phuc Joins Hands to Improve Business Environment

1:37:37 PM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

Determining businesses as an important driving force for development, the success of enterprises as the success of the province, and investors in the province as citizens of the province, is a compass for Vinh Phuc province to build a mechanism for a favorable business environment to draw investment capital.

Strengthening Fire Prevention

12:06:24 PM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

To enhance fire prevention and fighting in the province, and minimize damage caused by fires and explosions, the Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee issued Official Letter 2736/UBND-NC2 dated April 4, 2018 on strengthening fire prevention and fighting.

Bank - Business Matching Conference Opened

12:03:59 PM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

Recently, at the Vinh Phuc Conference Center, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Authority, in collaboration with the State Bank of Vietnam - Vinh Phuc Branch, and the Department of Planning and Investment, held a “Bank - Business Matching Conference.”

More Than VND700 Billion Invested in Key Public Construction

12:01:32 PM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

In order to gradually improve the urban framework infrastructure and create a driving force to draw investment capital and develop industry, in 2020, Vinh Phuc province will spend over VND700 billion of public investment fund for key construction projects.

Export Value Keeps Growing

11:59:55 AM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

In the last months of 2019, the export value of Vinh Phuc province continued to grow as local businesses have been actively accessing new markets and taking advantage of opportunities from the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Socioeconomic Targets Achieved and Exceeded

11:58:22 AM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

With the flexible management adopted by the Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee to proactively introduce measures to cope with difficulties and challenges, especially to accompany businesses and entrepreneurs and open up resources for growth, in 2019, the province's socioeconomic development outperformed in all 13 targets.

Vinh Phuc Hosts Direct Public Dialogues

11:56:47 AM | 3/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

On December 16, 2019, Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee held a direct dialogue for Party and administration leaders with the Fatherland Front, sociopolitical organizations and public representatives.

Vinh Phuc Offers Many Attractive Investment Support Policies

10:40:20 AM | 2/1/2020 | VINH PHUC

In order to communicate investment support policies of Vinh Phuc province, on December 18, Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority organized a conference to propagate and popularize investment support policies of the province.