C&T: Building Mekong Delta’s First Standard Urban Sea Tourism Zone

3:14:37 PM | 10/27/2009

Construction and Material Trading Joint Stock Company (C&T) has been investing in building the urban infrastructure for Ha Tien New Urban Zone. To provide more information about this project to readers, the reporter of Vietnam Business Forum has a talk with Mr Pham Anh Tuan, General Director of C&T, on this project.
Why did you decide to invest in Ha Tien New Urban Zone?
The Ha Tien New Urban Zone project was decided for investment in 2003 and I took on the project in 2007. I clearly understand the intention of my predecessor. This result is not only originated from the source of inspiration of a land with beautiful landscape and thick historical and humanitarian values but also a strong desire and broad vision of highest-level authorities in Kien Giang province as well as previous C&T leaders. The project is aimed to build a standard urban tourism zone for the Mekong Delta region. And after five years, this project gradually realises the initial intention.
Would you mind providing more information about this project?
The Ha Tien New Urban Zone project has a total area of nearly 97 ha and is designed to accommodate 15,000 people. The zone is designed to serve tourism activities, which is constituted by commercial centre, 5-star hotel, green park, entertainment centre, water sport area, international resorts, administrative zone, healthcare units, cultural and education establishments.
Upon its completion, the Ha Tien New Urban Zone will create the first standard sea urban tourism zone in Mekong Delta region. Especially, the zone is located on the west bank of To Chau Bridge and the entire zone is in the downtown of Ha Tien Town. The northern façade runs along the Road 80 and Road 28 while the southern main façade looks to the sea. At this location, the project enjoys all available advantages in landscape, history, culture and proximity to Cambodia and Phu Quoc Island.
The grant of special regimes for Phu Quoc District, the formation of Ha Tien Open Economic Zone and the upgrading of Xa Xia Border Gate into an international entry by the governments of Vietnam and Cambodia will add wings to the project to fly. Besides, Ha Tien will benefit from an agreement on Trans-Asia sea route reached by Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
At present, the company is focusing on building infrastructure works like roads, communication systems, water supply and drainage systems. The infrastructural construction is expected to complete in 2009 to transfer the land to investors to develop tourism projects as officially approved.
How do you feel about the investment climate in Kien Giang province?
It is not perfect but is among the best in Vietnam. The presence of C&T in many years with many investment projects in the province is an evidence. The Ha Tien New Urban Zone is expected to become a new paradise of relaxation, a second Mui Ne in Vietnam.
I think investors should share their forces to make Ha Tien a new city of tourism - a famous place of interest in Vietnam soon.
Reported by Hoang Lam