Phu Quoc Nam Huong Fish Sauce: Indispensable Spice in Vietnamese Meal

9:39:47 AM | 10/29/2009

With typical salty taste, rich protein, and suitable price, Phu Quoc Nam Huong fish sauce has become an indispensable savour in Vietnamese meal.
Phu Quoc Nam Huong fish sauce is made from extracts of anchovy, a variety with very rich protein, which only inhabits in Phu Quoc. With traditional techniques, Nam Huong’s staffs extract the best of the fish to make a premium fish sauce.
Nam Huong is absolutely loyal to its business principle “Treasuring product quality, valuing consumer’s health.” Thus, one of the secretsto the success of Phu Quoc Nam Huong fish sauce is the use of natural harmless materials, not additives or harmful bacteria. With strict observance of food safety and hygiene regulations, Phu Quoc Nam Huong fish sauce meets all quality standards applied by the Ministry of Health and international institutions, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). Thus, Nam Huong trademark is always at an advantage in quality competition against other rivals and wins the absolute trust of the customers.
According to the General Statistics Office (GSO), each year, the Vietnamese market needs more than 200 million litres of fish sauce as more than 95 % of Vietnamese households use the savour throughout the year.
This makes the stable market consumption. This is a good luck for fish sauce producers in general and Nam Huong in particular. This is an opportunity for Nam Huong to expand production scale and expand its distribution network to bring more Phu Quoc Nam Huong fish sauce to consumers.
Mr Nguyen Van Nam, Director of Quoc Nam Huong Fish Sauce Production Company, said: To provide an official information channel for the consumers, Nam Huong will continue to upgrade the company’s website Besides, the company will use other channels like internet to advertise its products. Nam Huong will build and expand distribution networks in Vietnam and step into foreign markets.
With persevering efforts for the golden health of consumers, leaders and staffs of Nam Huong are committed to improving the product quality to bring the best taste for daily meals of Vietnamese families.