Da Nang Port - Leading International Trade Gate for Mekong Subregion

3:36:32 PM | 11/21/2018

Da Nang Port, founded 117 years ago, has proved its important role in industrialisation, modernisation and international economic integration of Da Nang City in particular and the central region in general, and thus confidently affirmed its leading seaport position in the Mekong subregion.

Great leap forward after going public
Da Nang Port is defined as the main gateway to the East Sea and the main port of this corridor. Being the largest container port in Central Vietnam, Da Nang Port is capable of serving 500,000 TEUs a year. The current throughout capacity is about 8.5 million tonnes a year and expected to reach 10 million tonnes by 2020.

By promoting its advantages of favourable location, modern infrastructure, advanced equipment, skilled workers and professional executives to achieve high productivity and service quality, Da Nang Port has continuously reaped impressive achievements, strongly transformed into a versatile and prestigious seaport. In the last 10 years, the average annual growth of cargo throughput is 12 per cent (from 2.74 million tonnes in 2008 to 8.5 million tonnes in 2018) and container cargo growth is 19.25 per cent (from 61,881 TEUs in 2008 to 360,000 TEUs in 2018).

Particularly after going public (July 2014), Da Nang Port has made strong progress to contribute positively to the general development of Da Nang City and the whole nation. Following this important milestone, with the right strategic approach to container development, cruise ships and large-capacity vessels, Da Nang Port has focused its resources for modernising its facilities; trained human resources for higher capabilities, adopted modern corporate governance, and strongly applied IT to business operations. With intensive and consistent investment, so after four years operating in a new model, Da Nang Port has developed significantly. Its cargo throughput has risen 12.5 per cent a year on average (container growth at 20 per cent) and profit averagely jumped 5 times compared to the time before it went public. Policies on customer development, service quality improvement and service attitude finely impressed customers and helped Da Nang Port to attract more new customers. At present, 16 container shipping firms regularly operate at the port with an average of 22 - 25 container ships per week. Da Nang Port accounts for 65 per cent of container throughput in Central Vietnam. These impressive figures helped Da Nang Port brand to secure a well-established position in the Vietnamese and regional maritime industries and confidently affirm its leadership in the regional port industry.

One of the remarkable works done by Da Nang Port after four years of equitisation was the completion of Tien Sa Port upgrading and expansion project (second phase), thus creating a long stride in Da Nang Port development process. The project not only helps enhance the capacity of Tien Sa Port but also link logistics chains in the Central Vietnam key economic region, boost socio-economic development of Da Nang City and the whole region and heads to become a leading international trade gateway of the country and the Mekong subregion.

Business practices and social responsibility
In the past years, in addition to its efforts to enhance operating efficiency and expand the market, Da Nang Port has always pioneered social security activities and exercised its responsibility to the community and to all society. Its employees have regularly actively taken part in meaningful voluntary charitable activities such as supporting the Gratitude Fund and the Fund for the Poor, and victims of natural disasters; building charity houses; fostering Vietnamese heroic mothers. These meaningful deeds are also the fine culture of Da Nang Port employees who live and work meaningfully and compassionately, share with the people, determine to build an effective business model, and carry out good social security and humanitarian charity.

To become a Green Port in 2020, Da Nang Port has focused on developing two main pillars: Port operation (focus on container ships, cruise liners, large cargo vessels) and logistics services (warehousing, CFS, bonded warehouses, etc.). From this approach, Da Nang Port has gradually increased the share of containerised goods, thus minimising negative impacts on the environment as well as worker health.

In addition to the responsibility to employees, Da Nang Port sets great store in building corporate culture based on the principle that “People are the foundation of development” and directing its employees to core values “Integrity - professionalism - discipline - creativity - personal respect.” The leadership of Da Nang Port always takes care of its employees’ lives, ensures reasonable salaries, bonuses and remuneration for them; creates a warm, efficient working environment for them; help them maximise their capabilities, strengths and enthusiasm. Four years after going public, their salary has risen 71 per cent. Apart from salaries and bonuses, occupational safety and health regime is always well-focused. Every year, they will be provided with regular vacations with accommodations at 4-star hotels, given high-priced health insurance for free medical examination and treatment. Professional working environment, good promotion opportunities and good, attractive treatment and pay policies have enabled the company to retain best employees and attract new talents to create foundations and motivations for future leaps forward.

With its utmost effort to exercising its responsibility to employees, to the community and to the whole society, Da Nang Port was honoured as the “Business for Workers” of Da Nang City and the whole country. Especially, in 2017 and 2018, Da Nang Port was named the Top 100 Sustainable Companies in Vietnam, the Top 500 Fastest-growing Enterprises and the Top 500 Most Profitable Companies in Vietnam.

Thanh Tung