BlueScope Zacs Initiates House Donation Program “Manh ghep yeu thuong” for the Underprivileged

4:44:53 PM | 12/24/2018

On December 24, in Ho Chi Minh City, BlueScope Zacs in collaboration with local dealers launches the community program of “Manh ghep yeu thuong” (Affectionate Pieces) to donate house to the underprivileged in 12 localities across the country. 50 unique BlueScope Zacs steel houses are expected to reach out to the beneficiaries under the spirit that each of BlueScope Zacs employees and local dealers is a meaningful piece of the broad beautiful CSR picture for the betterment of the needy.

The donated Zacs steel house is 32 meter-square in total area with wall cladding, roofing and framing truss made from BlueScope Zacs premium alloy-coated steel. The integrated Australian technology allows BlueScope Zacs to finish building in just 2-3 days without compromising strict requirements in construction safety, technical standards and comfort. It is fast in construction, simple in installation, complying with Vietnam load standard TCVN 2327 and suitable for wind speed of each locality. 

As a country typical of specific natural conditions, Vietnam frequently face natural disasters such as flooding, landslide and drought which burden people lives with hardship. Several poor households suffer from living in temporary houses due to unaffordability to build or renovate their house to prepare for rainy season. Under the belief of “settle down” and “thrive”, NS BlueScope Vietnam carries out “Manh ghep yeu thuong” as one of its very CSR activities in the country aimed at empowering the underprivileged to live and work in peace and contentment, thereby contributing to the betterment of rural areas.

Mr. Vo Minh Nhut, Country President, NS BlueScope Vietnam said: “Understanding the difficulties of local residents suffering from harsh weather conditions, NS BlueScope Vietnam utilizes our advanced technology to produce and install houses of affection which are not only beautiful but also durable, highly-resistant against weather changes to help local people feel assured upon rainy season. We hope that the collaboration between NS BlueScope Vietnam, local dealers and governments will result in sturdy and warm home for the underprivileged, making a better life for people in rural areas.”

In Vietnam, NS BlueScope is not only a foreign enterprise known for efficient business performance but also a pioneer in social responsibility, creating values to the community. The company has initiated a wide range of meaningful CSR programs in environmental protection, sustainability and community contribution, among which Run For Green, planting trees to make Long Son Primary School greener, “Labor hygiene safety awareness and sharing program” are typical examples.