Businesses Join Hands to Improve Investment Environment

10:35:16 AM | 12/6/2019

Having spent many years doing business in Tay Ninh province, entrepreneurs have teamed up to contribute ideas to improve the local business and investment climate.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha - Deputy Director of Tay Ninh Development Investment Fund

In recent years, Tay Ninh province has managed to attract many companies to invest in commerce, service, healthcare, solar power, agriculture and processing industry, after the local government made a great effort to conduct administrative reforms, strongly improve the business investment environment, and actively support business development. Its investment attraction policy is also an opportunity for the Fund to well implement preferential policies and encourage lending for investment to fulfil its tasks assigned by the Provincial People’s Committee.

Mr. Dinh Hung Danh - Director of Center for Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation

To improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), in the coming time, Tay Ninh will need to increase business meetings and dialogues by level of authority, by industry, by the locality they operate in and by the topic of common interest. In addition, the province will develop a program to support micro, small and medium enterprises; increase the publicity and transparency of up-to-date information on government agencies' websites, especially information concerning local development plans, for enterprises to update.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Hung - Director of Tay Ninh Power Company

To improve the effect of business support, Tay Ninh province needs to promote administrative reform, publicize the contact hotline and Q&A page on websites to receive feedback and give guidance and answers to questions raised by businesses. The provincial government needs to organize regular public dialogues at least twice a year with the business community and the press to timely raise existing hardships faced by local enterprises and introduce best solutions for them. At the same time, it should speed up the effective deployment of the single-window mechanism at local state administrative agencies.

Mr. Le Van Chanh - General Director of Tay Ninh Rubber Company

In recent years, Tay Ninh province has carried out many practical solutions to ameliorate the business investment environment and support business development and creative startups. Provincial and local authorities seriously listen to the voice of the business on their difficulties as well as their advice to attract investment fund from investors and enterprises for socioeconomic development. Especially, Tay Ninh is determined to eliminate unreasonable business conditions, issue regulations on transparent, clear, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement business conditions and proactively provide relevant information on business operations.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong - Director of Tay Ninh Promotion Investment Project Management Unit for Agriculture and Rural Development

To raise the PCI Index, in the coming time, Tay Ninh province should continue to give priority to agricultural - farmer - rural development; strengthen quality control of goods and support people and businesses to find output markets. In addition, funding and credit support, trade promotion, and science and technology application should also be focused to direct the implementation of flexible, effective forms to better meet the needs of the business.

Mr. Cao Tan Trinh - Director of Agribank Tay Ninh

To effectively support local businesses, Tay Ninh province needs to pay more attention to facilitating them to access support policies to carry out organic agriculture and high-tech agriculture projects along with the value chain. It should effectively control policies on production cooperation and consumption of agricultural products, avoid oversupply of agricultural products like cavendish banana, pineapple and passion fruit as in previous years.