AEON Vietnam Expanded the Model of Small and Medium Supermarket Model AEON MaxValu

2:30:02 PM | 12/22/2021

In order to diversify the retail business ecosystem, AEON Vietnam - the company in charge of the general retail business of AEON Group (Japan) in Vietnam will expand the new supermarket chain with 1st brand of AEON MaxValu. This is an orientation in the medium and long-term strategy of AEON Vietnam when AEON Group identifies Vietnam as the second prioritized market right after Japan.

With convenient location in residential areas, area from 300-500m2, AEON MaxValu aims to bring the quality and standards of AEON products and services closer to customers, at the same time meet the changing shopping needs of consumers.

AEON MaxValu – the first supermarket chain brand in the new business segment of AEON Vietnam

At AEON MaxValu supermarkets, customers can choose from a variety of products with food safety and quality according to AEON standards. For food (ready to cook, perishable, dry food,..), 95% of the products are similar to the products sold at AEON General Merchandise Store & Supermarket (GMS). Especially, there are also ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products to help customers more convenient and save cooking time for each meal. There are also cosmetics, home appliances, .. which are commonly used products for regular daily needs.

Many ready-to-eat products at AEON MaxValu bring convenience to consumers in modern life

AEON MaxValu supermarkets bring a full range of services and facilities to customers same as at AEON GMS, including door-to-door delivery, shopping by phone, etc. Customers shopping at MaxValu are provided all benefits of AEON members integrated with AEON Vietnam's member card system with many preferential programs & cashless payments via bank, e-wallets, QR codes,....

Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki, General Director of AEON Vietnam said: “The fast pace of life in urban areas along with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on consumers' shopping behavior. Customers are focusing on convenience and hence choosing small and medium-sized supermarkets with close location to buy products that serve essential needs in daily life. To meet the needs of customers, AEON Vietnam has officially launched a new business segment: Supermarket. This is our 5th business segment in Vietnam. AEON MaxValu is the first brand in this new segmeny to bring healthy products, high quality, safety standards, and convenience to serve customers' needs”.

According to the representative of AEON Vietnam, AEON MaxValu is a familiar supermarket brand of AEON Group, which has been present in many Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China. In Vietnam market, as of December 2021, AEON Vietnam has opened 04 AEON MaxValu supermarkets in the North.

AEON MaxValu Hyundai supermarket just opened in November 2021 in Ha Dong (Hanoi)

AEON Vietnam will continue to accelerate and expand the number of AEON MaxValu, aiming to increase the total number to 20 supermarkets in the North. Particularly in the 1st quarter of 2022, it is expected that 03 more AEON MaxValu supermarkets will open in Hanoi.

Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki shared: “In the coming time, AEON Vietnam will continue to promote its strategy of digital transformation, cashless payment and the expansion of its business system nationwide, focusing on the specialty stores, small & medium supermarkets AEON MaxValu, and e-commerce. In addition, we will also focus on developing AEON's Private brand products such as: TOPVALU, HÓME COORDY, innerCasual,... to meet the increasing needs of customers in Vietnam."

H.N (Vietnam Business Forum)