VITTO-VP Co., Ltd Building Harmonious Employer-Employee Relationship

3:23:27 PM | 5/15/2023

After 10 years of operation, the ceramic tile factory of VITTO-VP Co., Ltd (based in Tam Duong II Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc province) has nearly 1,000 employees whose average personal income is over VND8.5 million a month. Besides dynamism and creativity, the harmonious employer-employee relationship is another factor of its success.

The production line of VITTO-VP Co., Ltd

The company's trade union praises and rewards excellent collectives and individuals every month; pays visits and gives gifts to poor employees or employees suffering occupational accidents; coordinates with authorities at all levels to ensure jobs and policy benefits for employees, improves the work environment and working conditions. Therefore, while many other companies have to reduce working hours, and even adopt layoffs, VITTO-VP Co., Ltd still manages to have enough jobs for its employees with a stable income. The working atmosphere is very vibrant. Good employee care is motivating its employees to stay with the company for a long time to build a harmonious, unwavering and growing relationship; creating more confidence and motivation for employees to work with peace of mind, and devote themselves to the company’s development.

Knowing that employees always play an important, decisive role in the company’s development, in 2023, facing many difficulties and challenges, VITTO-VP Co., Ltd as well as other businesses in Vinh Phuc province still strives to maintain jobs, ensures incomes for employees and takes care of their material and spiritual life. The company’s policy encourages them to work with peace of mind and stay loyal to the company for a long time while helping increase productivity and work performance and creating a driving force for sustainable business development.

By Quynh Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum