VCCI Honors Saigon New Port for Excellent Achievements and Socio-Economic Contributions

10:30:03 AM | 1/30/2024

On the evening of January 24, 2024, in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon New Port (SNP) and our partners in the business community were honored by VCCI for outstanding operation and business achievements, which have significantly contributed to community and socio-economic development. The occasion was the VCCI Gala Dinner, a special year-end event designed to foster connections and exchanges among members within the VCCI network. The event brought together trade counselors from various countries (China, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Australia) along with leaders representing businesses, trade promotion organizations, associations, and both domestic and international partners. Serving as a conduit for business leaders and organizations, the event facilitated the sharing of insights gleaned from the challenges encountered in 2023 and facilitated effective networking for the forthcoming year in 2024.

Vietnam Confederation of Commerce and Industry - VCCI awarded Certificate of Merit to TCSG for excellent operation and business achievements, contributing to local community and socio-economic development in 2023

As the Lunar New Year approaches amidst a sense of urgency and the hustle and bustle at the year’s end, this is a moment for businesses, entrepreneurs, associations, and commercial organizations to reflect on the collective journey and achievements of the past year and strategize for the upcoming one. The year 2023 unfolded with numerous changes, difficulties, and challenges. In order to remain resilient in the face of fierce competition, businesses have undergone significant transformations and revolutions to ensure sustained development.

Addressing the event's commencement, Mr. Tran Ngoc Liem, the Director of VCCI-HCM, underscored the organization's continuous proactive innovation and effective deployment of activities to serve and bolster the business community's development. VCCI consistently upholds the mission and goals of fostering the development, protection, and support of its community members, facilitating connections for system expansion, and contributing to the fortification of the country's economy. The organization also plays a pivotal role in promoting international cooperation, trade, and advancements in science and technology between Vietnam and the global community. Mr. Tran Ngoc Liem acknowledged the collective effort of partners, international organizations, diplomatic agencies, Consulates General of various countries, and particularly the steadfast collaboration of entrepreneurs and businesses in the Southern region. According to Mr. Liem, 2023 brought forth numerous challenges and unforeseeable fluctuations, impacting production and business activities both domestically and internationally. Despite these challenges, the Vietnamese economy has demonstrated significant efforts to navigate these uncertainties, maintaining growth momentum and achieving set goals across various sectors. This resilience has positioned the country as an economic beacon in the region, earning praise from numerous international organizations for its recovery potential in the near future.

Reflecting on the past year within the Seaport and Logistics industry, marked by numerous changes and shared challenges, Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP) has demonstrated persistent efforts, proactively embracing innovation and leveraging the industrial revolution. These endeavors have resulted in significant achievements and contributions to the nation's economy, while simultaneously upholding its esteemed reputation and steadfast position in the field of port operations and logistics services. As a pioneering state-owned enterprise, Saigon Newport Corporation has prioritized investments in modern equipment and embraced cutting-edge technologies, including information technology, digital transformation, and online services, for efficient management and administration. The corporation is dedicated to the construction of "green ports" and the provision of "smart services," fostering a dynamic and contemporary approach. Furthermore, there is a determined focus on recruiting, training, retaining, and developing high-quality human resources, aligning with sustainable development strategies.

In our developmental journey, particularly throughout 2023, SNP has been recognized and honored by VCCI for outstanding achievements in production and business, contributing significantly to community and socio-economic development through various impactful initiatives, accomplishments, and notable events. In the course of 2023, SNP organized the "Run as One" race, celebrating the pioneering spirit and fostering community unity to build a world characterized by diversity and sustainable development. The company also hosted seminars such as "Strengthening Connections for the Development of Vietnam-Cambodia Logistics Service Routes" and "Accompanying Enterprises" in the Binh Duong region. Furthermore, SNP conducted a VR360 virtual reality software golive session at Tan Cang Cat Lai port. These endeavors represent SNP’s ongoing commitment to enhance service quality, offer comprehensive and optimal logistics solutions for clients, and underscore its aspiration not only to be a leading enterprise in port operations and logistics but also a contributor to the broader Vietnamese supply chain community in its journey toward sustainable development.

Captain Bui Van Quy, Executive Vice Director representing SNP received a certificate of merit from VCCI

VCCI President presented Certificates of Merit to Saigon Newport Corporation, Tan Cang Long Binh ICD, and several other members of VCCI-HCM in recognition of their outstanding achievements in operation and business activities. Their notable contributions have played a significant role in fostering the development of the local business and socio-economic community throughout 2023.

Entering the year 2024 with many uncertainties about the global economic landscape, the collective force of officers, employees, and workers at Saigon Newport Corporation remains steadfast in their belief in the development direction and community responsibility of the corporation. This commitment extends to both domestic trade and the broader business community involved in port operations and logistics. The guiding motto "Come to Saigon Newport - Come to the top service quality" is the foundation to build a strong brand, and with the companionship and recognition of VCCI, will be the driving force for leadership and command at all levels. The corporation will persist in its efforts to enhance operational efficiency, uphold top-notch service quality, and simultaneously prioritize the well-being of its workforce and the surrounding community. This dedication contributes to economic development and strives to foster a resilient business community for a prosperous Vietnam.

Quoc Khanh (Vietnam Business Forum)