Traditional Tet Atmosphere in Peaceful Green Hideaway

12:08:19 PM | 2/10/2024

According to oriental culture, Tet is the most important holiday of the year. The beginning of a new year is also the time for the whole family to reunite together. Nowadays, with the desire to find a "breath of fresh air", many families choose to travel to enjoy memorable moments in the springtime.

The 'Green Pearl' is endowed with a charming, clear jade-colored landscape

Return to the arms of "mother nature"

To forget the busy daily life in the bustling city filled with smoke and dust, a peaceful space with physical and mental activities is like giving a fresh source of inspiration to visitors seeking to explore Dong Thap Muoi Conservation Area to care for and nurture their spirit. Kayaking to discover the core area is a perfect opportunity to both do physical exercises and admire the wilderness and diverse ecosystem.

Standing out as a pristine paradise with a lush tropical vegetation and giving visitors a peaceful experience in a poetic hideaway, Dong Thap Muoi National Park features an immense view surrounded by luxuriant melaleuca forests. The pristine beauty of the unspoiled scenery captures the heart and soul of travelers who call it “A hidden pearl in the windy southern sky and land.” The only way to get it is by boat.

A place to nurture health and spirit

Resting in a space filled with the sounds of forests and the melody of waves lapping on boat sides gives you precious moments of peaceful relaxation. Particularly, if you are passionate about conquering natural beauty and want to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by forests, such activities as cycling or walking through the forest will probably make you feel even more interesting because of the opulent and diverse vegetations.

Strictly protected bird populations, counted to tens of thousands of individuals, are growing, including many rare species listed in the red book like Asian openbill stork, Oriental darter,  greater adjutant,  glossy ibis, gray heron, purple heron and painted stork.

Spectacular view of a white bird flying in the air in the springtime

The unspoiled pristine beauty of nature leaves lasting memories on you right from the very first sight.

Dong Thap Muoi Conservation Area gives visitors a "healing therapy" in a natural space, a completely different experience away from bustling daily city life.

The outstanding values of Dong Thap Muoi Conservation Area are respected and preserved, in which the sightseeing area acts as a nucleus to promote tourism development all over the triangle region of Dong Thap - Long An - Tien Giang and importantly facilitate economic restructuring from agriculture to services towards green growth.

The ecological heritage of the conservation area truly belongs to the community, protected and handed down by the community. Local residents are deeply aware that Dong Thap Muoi Conservation Area is not only a godsend treasure, preserved and passed down by generations of people to this day, but it is also a place of converging and crystallizing fine historical and cultural values and traditions of indigenous people.

Starting from the Year of the Dragon 2024, Dong Thap Muoi Ecological Reserve is no longer a "sample displayed in a glass box" but becomes an attractive tourist attraction. This place is day by day promoting intangible values, bringing material values, connecting the social community, maintaining and creating new livelihoods for people.

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