Nguyen Hoang White-painted Chairs: Quality Prevails

4:48:53 PM | 10/7/2009

Nguyen Hoang Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 with 12,000 square metres of factories in Hoa Phu commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City. The company specialises in manufacturing and trading outdoor woodwork. At present, Nguyen Hoang can manufacture 100-120 containers of goods a year, an equivalent to over US$3 million.
Nguyen Hoang-trademarked products are famous for their quality. Materials like acacia wood, teakwood, eucalyptus are completely processed by modern equipment from sawing and drying to shaping and covering with PU paints (meeting EU standards). Modern production lines and more than 200 skilful workers are the key to the added value of the company’s products. Director Nguyen Hoang said: “With six year experience in producing and processing woods, we specialises in manufacturing tables, chairs, benches and folding chairs covered with white PU paints. For Nguyen Hoang, profit comes not only from volume of sales but also high added value. The company never sells its profits with any fault and continuously improves the quality to meet the growing demand by customers.
Nguyen Hoang’s current main export markets are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, South Korea and Japan. The company is preparing to enter the US and Russian markets. The company always listens to any feedbacks from customers to improve its quality, beautify designs and diversify products. Competitive price and perfect quality are the targets of Nguyen Hoang-trademarked products.
Anh Dao