TÜV Rheinland - LGA Furniture Laboratory: Technical Requirements - Testing and Wood Export

4:50:21 PM | 10/7/2009

The total export balance during the first half year of 2009 of Vietnam is US$27.6 billion. There has been a reduction of 18.7% in export of wood industry in comparison with the last year period and the export balance has only reached US$1.1 billion while it is one of the key export industries.
According to report from Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, the economy of Vietnam has been recovered from the global economic crisis, but the economies from other countries in Asia are recovering as well. Since those countries have similar export products as Vietnam, also with competitive prices, the local wood processing industry here has to face a severe competition also in the future. Beside these challenges, the exporting industry - especially wood manufacturers - has to meet more and more technical requirements.
TÜV Rheinland – LGA Furniture Laboratory with experience in safety and quality of furniture, thorough understanding of the complex legal requirements and regulations but also a wide knowledge about customer’s expectations can support wood manufactures to comply with all the directives and standards of the international markets. With the laboratory complex, including a chemical and food laboratory, located in Ho Chi Minh City, it is convenient for Vietnamese manufacturers to work with local qualified engineers as well as foreign experienced experts to learn more about the current technical and quality requirements. For the international buyers the laboratory can be the right bridge between the Vietnamese skills in handicraft and the buyers’ expectations in quality and safety. All of your needs relating to the characteristic of furniture, certification and inspections to access international markets can be worked out directly.
As an independent third party in testing and certification, TÜV Rheinland – LGA Furniture Laboratory does not only issue detailed reports to help the manufacturers proving the quality of their products to global buyers but works also directly with them for efficient product improvements together. The key objective of TÜV Rheinland – LGA Furniture Laboratory is always focusing on both buyers’ and manufacturers’ interests.