Experiencing Top Class Tourism Services with VNH

2:44:53 PM | 1/4/2019

Realising the huge potential in the tourism service industry in Vietnam, in early 2015, VNH developed a range of elegant tourism products, including Da Nang Helitour offering panoramic aerial views of Da Nang City with 28 modern helicopters from 4 - 24 seats and a system of 50 licensed travel flight routes (Ha Long, Ninh Binh, Sapa, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Ca Mau, Phu Quoc and other localities). In particular, Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company - a member of VNH - is expected to officially launch the aerial view service of Ha Long Bay using Bell 505 helicopters in April 2019.

Vietnam Helicopter Corporation (VNH) is one of leading helicopter operators in Southeast Asia. With more than 30 years’ experience serving oil and gas companies safely, the firm’s pilots are commercially certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV).

Bell 505 - 5-star helicopter
If you are looking for new experience and viewing a scenic spot from the air on a helicopter, the travel flight service of Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company will be a perfect choice and Bell 505 helicopters offer you a new top class experience.

Bell 505 is the latest light helicopter made by Bell Helicopter, debuted at the Paris Airshow 2013 and commercialised in 2017. The helicopter measures 10.53 m in length, 1.52 m in width and 3.25 m in height. The rotorcraft length is 11.28 m and the rotor shaft gives a maximum tilt of 3.5 degrees while the tail rotor is 1.65 m long. If the length is measured from the tip of the rotorcraft to the tip of the tail, the Bell 505 is nearly 13 m long, equivalent to three Toyota Innova standing on a straight line. Specially, the Bell 505 is equipped with the Garmin G1000H glass avionics suite, helping pilots deal with situations better. The system includes two 10.4-inch high-definition LCD monitors to display multiple parameters and ensure absolute security. So, the Bell 505 is considered an ideal option for aerial viewing flights.

Discovering scenery from above gives more interesting experiences to visitors when they travel to Vietnam. For tourists who spend thousands of US dollars for a night in a 5-star resort or hotel, spending over US$100 for this stunning service experience is a worthwhile choice. The Bell 505 is an opportunity for visitors to directly experience modern luxury and top class services. Manufactured and imported into Vietnam in 2019, the tourism chopper is proven to have high safety, low noise level and wide angle viewing.

Make your New Year amazing as you fly high with the modern, luxury Bell 505 helicopter, taking in the beautiful sights of Vietnam from above, enjoying the sky, and capturing unforgettable photos. On a 5-star helicopter, you will have the opportunity to experience a completely new level of tourism in nearly 15 minutes of flying in the sky, including the view of majestic mountain landscapes, modern urban architecture, city highlights and beaches. Flight fanatics can take advantage of this opportunity to get close to this new aircraft. The captain is not only willing to take souvenir photos with guests, but also happily instructs them to see how to use everything in the cockpit.

Viewing Ha Long Bay from the Bell 505
Choosing a helicopter tour is also for changing the feeling. Flying at a cruising speed of 180 km per hour, you observe from about 150 m above the ground, at which height the scenery below appears in interesting shapes and forms. The panoramic view of the terrain below turns stunningly beautiful. The sunlight looks stronger, and you can catch sight of mountains, buildings and ships coming to shore.

A representative from Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company said that two Bell 505 aircraft will be available at Tuan Chau to serve visitors right after the launch. With about 15 minutes in the air, visitors can admire the panoramic view of the Ha Long Bay Natural Wonder. In the midst of the majestic sea and nature with thousands of rocky islands like jade, Ha Long Bay from above looks like an extremely beautiful water-colour picture with a green background spotted with pinkish, silvery and goldish clouds in the high and sea islands. It can be said, this is a great way to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Ha Long Bay.

From the 4-seat Bell 505, visitors can contemplate aerial views of the scenery and capture memorable moments. Travelling by helicopter is unusual, but extremely refreshing as well. Pilots also fly many rounds for visitors to discover all beautiful scenes. Islands surrounded by clear blue waters look like beautiful fairylands. Tourists are free to take pictures from above Ha Long Bay. Let's join Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company to discover Vietnam's most famous tourist destination - Ha Long Bay - to arouse endless inspiration for your vacation and your family.

In the coming time, Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company (VNHN) will focus on investing in developing aerial view services with the most modern helicopters. VNHN plans to invest in more helicopters (various types) to serve tourists in Ha Long and other potential destinations such as Co To Island, Trang An and Phong Nha - Ke Bang after 2019 and 2020, to give visitors uniquely amazing, unforgettable experiences.

Nguyet Tham