Tenants in Vinh Phuc IPs towards Cleaner Production

10:28:01 AM | 12/16/2019

Being aware of the benefits of cleaner production, many businesses in Vinh Phuc industrial parks have boldly invested in technological innovation and development towards cleaner production in order to improve production efficiency, cut down production costs and improve product competitiveness.

Right after building the factory, office, workshop system and warehouse, Viet Duc Steel Pipe Joint Stock Company (Binh Xuyen Industrial Park) spared space to plant trees; continuously invested in advanced technology and modern techniques in order to diversify high tech products; and strictly controlled management and production in accordance with Japanese 5S methodology. Viet Duc Steel Pipe currently has 38 modern production lines powered by advanced European Japanese automated technologies, especially hot-dip galvanized steel pipe lines rated the most modern of the kind in Vietnam with a system of pre-plated pipe treatment tanks. In particular, in 2018, the company invested in an additional product line to make 100x100mm and 150x150mm square pipes and 100x150mm box pipes. This product line is made by only two manufacturing plants in the North. Not only meeting domestic demand, the company’s steel pipes and cold rolled steel pipes are exported to other countries in the region and North America.

In order to minimize environmental pollution and protect employees' health, Prime Group Joint Stock Company (Binh Xuyen Industrial Park) has been proactively investing in new, modern production technologies and reorganized operational process towards cleaner production. Prime Group's factories strictly adhere to international management systems applied to product quality as well as occupational health and safety management. Mr. Chaiyaporn Supanya, HR Director of Prime Group Joint Stock Company, said: “We have had policies on environmental safety. Currently, all of our factories meet international standards and receive international certifications such as ISO and OHSAS. We hope that, with our sustainable development philosophy, we will always attract and retain employees to make environmentally friendly products.”

Officially going into operation in 2016, Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Ba Thien II Industrial Park) actively adopted cleaner production solutions like managing, arranging and rationalizing investment, production and installation stages of modern manufacturing lines, building high-tech wastewater treatment systems to create quality and environmentally friendly products. Currently, the company is a leading supplier of high quality apparel products to retailers in the US, Europe and Asia with world-class fashion brands such as Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic and Tommy Hilfiger. On average, the company exports more than 2.6 million products to the market, of which 80% is shipped to the U.S. The company is creating 2,300 stable jobs with an average monthly individual salary of VND7 million.

Cleaner production is not only a tool for businesses to get rid of environmental pollution, but also bring many benefits to them, for example, reducing environmental costs, reducing waste and increasing income from waste recycling. Presently, in Vinh Phuc industrial parks, not only three above companies actively renovate technologies to achieve cleaner production but many others have also been applying cleaner production technology and processes to business operations, thus improving environmental protection and bringing higher economic benefit for businesses.

Nguyet Tham