Dak Wil Forestry Co., Ltd: Accomplishing Forest Management, Protection Tasks

2:46:58 PM | 5/17/2023

Over the years, thanks to the efforts and solidarity of all employees of the company as well as close coordination with functional agencies and local authorities in management and forest protection, Dak Wil Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company has managed to preserve and develop its entire forest area. Illegal logging and transportation of forest products have been minimized and strictly controlled.

The tree planting launching ceremony of Dak Wil Forestry Co., Ltd

Determined to preserve the forests

Dak Wil Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company, formerly Dak Wil Youth Forestry Enterprise, was established in 1989 under the Decision of the People's Committee of Dak Lak Province. After four changes, on July 1, 2010, the company was changed to Dak Wil Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company (Dak Wil Forestry Co., Ltd). The area under the company’s management is located in Dak Wil commune, Cu Jut district with a total natural area of nearly 29,000 hectares of forest and forest land.

The main business of Dak Wil Company is to perform public utility tasks in terms of forest management and protection and forest capital development, forest fire prevention and forest planting and care. In addition, the company also has a number of other business and production activities such as planting, tending, managing and protecting and exploiting rubber trees; exploiting non-timber forest products; surveying, designing and planning agro-forestry.

According to Mr. Chau Thanh Tam, Chairman and Director of Dak Wil Company, the company always upholds its determination to keep nearly 29,000 hectares of existing forest and identifies this as a key task.

“The Party Committee and Board of Directors of the company are always consistent in their guiding views: Leading and directing the implementation of drastic and effective tasks of forest and forest land management; preventing deforestation, forest loss, forest fire, illegal encroachment on new forest land; resolutely preventing and striving to completely put an end to the illegal exploitation and transportation of forest products in the forest area under the management area," said Mr. Chau Thanh Tam. Accordingly, the company always upholds a sense of responsibility, internal solidarity, support and close coordination in the implementation of forest management tasks. All the employees strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations. The company strictly punishes cadres, party members and employees who show negative expressions, lack a sense of responsibility, illegally exploit and transport forest products and violate the internal rules and regulations of the company.

Developing sustainable forests

In addition to forest management and protection, and forest fire prevention, the company has also developed more than 102ha of rubber plantations. The rubber tree garden is cared for, managed and protected according to the technical design. Currently, most of the area has reached the level of latex exploitation. The company has started to test exploiting and is preparing to begin mass exploitation in 2023. The company has also organized the exploitation and consumption of by-products with an average harvest of 300,000 trees/year.

At the same time, the company has cooperated with Van Thuong Joint Stock Company to develop a project on cooperation and association to develop forestry - medicinal - ecological models on the forest stand approved by the Provincial People's Committee for implementation. In which, the investor signed a contract with the company to consume all the products of Bambusa balcooa and bamboo in the forest area under management to supply raw materials for the Pressed Bamboo Factory in Tuy Duc district. The company also cooperates with investors to develop a plan to survey and investigate medicinal plants to sign contracts for planting, exploiting and processing medicinal plants in the near future and proceeding to promote cooperation and investment in the development of ecotourism and resort models in the forest areas in accordance with the sustainable forest management plan approved by the competent authorities.

In addition, the company will coordinate and work with a number of investors such as Vinh Loc Phat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to determine the model and content of cooperation and implement the investment projects on forestation and forest conservation management, exploitation and planting of medicinal plants in combination with eco-tourism. The company will work with ADC Co., Ltd. to determine the content of cooperation, linking investment in afforestation, agroforestry production and growing medicinal plants under the forest canopy.

“The economic potential from the development of medicinal plants and tourism in the forest managed by the company is very high. We have worked with investors to plan effective and sustainable exploitation and development. Successful forest economic development will add more resources to retain and attract more workers to participate in the protection and sustainable development of forests,” said Mr. Chau Thanh Tam.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum