Infrastructure Development, Key to Dak Nong’s Success

3:34:25 PM | 24/11/2009

Infrastructure development is a challenge for the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong where there is complicated terrain. In this situation, the province has worked out an infrastructure development plan, focusing on transport works.
Gia Nghia district is considered the centre for the province’s transport development. National highways 14 and 28 starting from the district will link the province with Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc and Ho Chi Minh City.
Thanks to the state support and local people’s contributions, Dak Nong has to date asphalted over 50 % of provincial roads and 54 district roads. Nearly 40 % of local villages have between one to two kilometres of asphalted roads.
Boasting potential for agro-forestry, irrigation development is an urgent task for the province. Dak Nong’s irrigation system has met 45 % of its crop area, while the locality has basically completed land slide and flood prevention.
In addition, Power Company No. 3 and the provincial Department of Industry and Trade have carried out power supply works for local people. So far, 98 % of local villages have joined the national power grid and 88 % of the households use power.
The province has made remarkable achievements in socio-economic development and investment attraction. The locality has concentrated on infrastructure development and labour training.
As many as 85 % of communes and wards in the province have universalised secondary education. However, the province is home to no universities and colleges, but has only a vocational training school. The province also plans to build another vocational training school in Cu Juts and Dak R’ lap districts.
The province’s post and telecom demand is basically met with the services by Viettel, Vina phone and Mobile phone. Viettel and Vina Phone have boosted the installation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) in the province.
In the health sector, the province has more than 30 % of health stations meeting national standards. In Cu Jut district, the general hospital has 150 sick-beds.  
Regarding infrastructure for industrial development, 60 % of the area of Tam Thang industrial park has been filled with a number of projects worth VND860 billion. The province now houses five industrial complexes with an area ranging from 22 hectares to 181 hectares.
Dak Nong has also poured more investment to develop trade centres and supermarkets. The province now has 38 markets which have diversified products.
Hoang Hai