Strong Movements in Small scale Industry of Ca Mau Province

3:09:03 PM | 11/12/2009

Ca Mau has favourable conditions to develop a comprehensive industry, including gas, electricity and nitrogenous fertilizer, ship mechanics, seafood processing, transport service by seaway, waterway and road, seafood raising and processing, etc. Although the province’s industry is still of small scale, average annual industrial growth rate is high, higher than that of the whole country.
In 2008, production value of Ca Mau’s industry and small scale industry reached VND10,872.716 billion, equivalent to 103.5 % of the plan, up 36.2 % against the same period. In QI 2009, this index is VND2,826.70 billion, equivalent to 24.635 % of the plan, and 85.73 % against the corresponding period. State sector makes up 54.7 % of the total production value of the whole industry. As such, although non-state economic sector encounter difficulties in terms of materials for production and market, production value of the whole industry still reaches assigned target. If 2008 is considered as a point for comparison, the target set in the province’s resolution on development of industry and small scale industry of Ca Mau until 2010 with vision till 2020 and the five-year plan (2006 – 2010 period) has already been reached  before deadline.
Ca Mau has a young population. Over 40 % of its population is under 14 years of age, which is higher than national average rate (39 %). It is forecast that by 2010, the province’s population is around 1.4 million people, 32-40 % of whom are urban citizens, and 20.25 % of whom are non-farmers though living in rural areas. Such a population structure will guarantee a workforce suitable for the development of Ca Mau;s industry.
Although Ca Mau’s industry sees development during the past years, such a development rate is not compatible with its potential, strength and the demand for economic development of the province. In coming time, the trade and industry sector of the province plans to focus investment on developing the infrastructure system to serve development of industry and small scale industry. Investors’ capital will be called for to accelerate the construction rate of infrastructure in Khanh An IZ, Hoa Trung IZ… every source will be mobilized for development, especially overseas investment. It is Ca Mau’s policy to mobilize every economic sector to make investment for the development of the province’s industry. At the same time, Ca Mau will conduct a programme to restore and develop traditional handicrafts.
Minh Thu