Uncovering new investment opportunities and identifying proven strategies to maximize investment returns in Vietnam
October 26-28 in Ho Chi Minh City

3:53:30 PM | 6/7/2010

Main Conference: 27-28 October 2010
Pre-Conference Masterclass: 26 October 2010, 0900-1600
Why Vietnam?
Vietnam’s ability to withstand the recent adverse economic downturn in 2009, backed by ADB’s forecast of 6.8% growth in 2011 proves that Vietnam remains to be a hot a market for investors. However, Vietnam’s thriving economy is constantly faced by both external and internal challenges. It is therefore crucial for the alternative investment industry to keep up-to-date on developments and opportunities in this challenging market, and to ensure an appropriate response to any challenges ahead.
Why attend this event?
The 4th Annual Alternative Investments Vietnam 2010 conference will bring together more than 25 alternative investments experts to address the outlook for Vietnam’s economy in light of the new socio-economic development strategy 2011-2015, Vietnam’s capital market, sustainable fund raising & exit strategies for private equity investments and corporate governance amongst many. A full day will also be dedicated to assessing the investment opportunities, challenges and proven strategies for successful investments in Vietnam’s hottest and emerging sectors – Real Estate, Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology and Consumer/Retail
Visit us at www.alternativeinvestmentsvietnam.com for the complete agenda and full list of    speakers or see the attached file: AIV - VBF.html
Don’t miss the intensive and highly valuable pre conference masterclass: Incorporating risk management in alternative fund strategy, structure, management and reporting in the current foreign investor and regulatory climate.
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