Binh Duong Attracts over US$14 Billion FDI

5:06:47 PM | 30/8/2011

The southern province of Binh Duong has attracted more than US$14 billion through more than 2,000 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects, according to the provincial People’s Committee.
Seventy percent of the total investment disbursed so far has helped to boost and stabilise the province’s industrial sector, said Tran Thanh Liem, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee.
By the end of August, 46 projects were licensed with a total registered capital of US$250 million and 65 other projects in operation contributed an additional US$220 million.
Liem attributed the improved infrastructure and effective administrative management of industrial zones to the strong flow of FDI into the province.
The province’s industrial sector offers more than 720,000 jobs, of which over 600,000 come from other provinces.
Among 37 countries and territories investing in Binh Duong, the Republic of Korea was the leader, with over 400 FDI projects worth about US$1.5 billion.