Dien Bien Transport JSC: Persevering with the Goal “Stability and Sustainable Development”

12:21:42 PM | 6/10/2011

Current domestic economic difficulties and unpredictable capital market fluctuations, as well as the real estate market slowdown, have influenced business activities of construction enterprises, including Dien Bien Transport Joint Stock Company. However, persevering toward the company’s goal “Stability and sustainable development,” the Board of Management and the whole staff in Dien Bien Transport Joint Stock Company have tireless attempted to meet the annual production and business plan and achieve higher results than in previous years.
Mr Dieu Van Quyet - Deputy Director said that the results in the past three years have all exceeded VND 55 billion; by the end of this July, the company gained VND 68 billion, in which Highway 12 contract No.9 was valued VND 5 billion, Highway 12 contract No.16 was valued VND 11 billion; and Co Khi Resettlement Area contract No.4 was valued 10 billion. At the moment, the company is strengthening its solidarity and mobilizing collective power to beat the targets set by the company’s Party Committee.
To ensure works’ quality and progress, the company has invested in construction machines and equipment, and replaced manual labour with machines when appropriate. The company has regularly reassigned and conditioned the staff to improve professionalism. Experienced employees with seniority are assigned to supervise new workers on construction standards, technical management at sites, improve computer use, and internal procedures according to civil construction standards.
Confronting input market influences and competition from other enterprises, the company has worked out measures to ensure sustainable development. The measures conducted include: direct construction standards to ensure works’ quality, required progress, and finishing work completely to build a reputation and win investors’ trust, giving priority to those with fast capital recall to invest in reproduction and those projects with important political features. The company also prepares well for recalling and construction activities, especially gives first priority to building material stage, makes plans to exploit and process stones and stone meal of types to meet the demand, actively buys and delivers sand to sites of works without exploitation premise when there’s redundant delivery vehicles. Asphalt, cement, steel of varied types, petroleum, and oil are bought to meet monthly demand to reduce cost of bank interest.