Vinh Long Investment Promotion Centre: Providing Best Support for Businesses

5:01:28 PM | 14/12/2011

In 2011, Vinh Long has still faced a difficult social - economic situation; however, it has still managed to successfully promote investment and provide business support. Those achievements are due to the administrative improvement of the province. It has gradually created an attractive environment, thus attracting more investors to Vinh Long province.
According to Mr Pham Thanh Khon, Director of Vinh Long Investment Promotion Centre, over the period, Vinh Long Investment Promotion Centre and other relevant sectors, departments, divisions and People’s Committees of districts and the city have organised meetings and campaigns for more than 45 domestic and foreign investors. As a result, the People’s Committee of Vinh Long province accepted in principle eight projects with registered investment capital of VND1,224 billion.
Vinh Long Investment Promotion Centre has been continuously and successfully fulfilling its duty to provide consultancy for provincial people’s committees to set up mechanisms, find solutions to improve provincial investment environment, and actively present an overall picture of the province for investors and businesses. Furthermore, the Centre also helps develop a preferential environment for better development of industry and service sectors, support enterprises to extend their consumption markets, improve branding and participate in exhibitions, to increase provincial purchasing power.
Additionally, the Centre has continuously worked to find solutions for attracting capital investment into Vinh Long province, creating a clear ground fund by advancing capital for investors, mobilising capital to clear properties and renting ground for incoming and undergoing registered projects, simplifying procedures, supporting a preferential environment for people to develop businesses in every sector, and helping investors approach State credit capital sources, especially preferential capital ones.
Apart from that, the Centre has cooperated with other departments to examine and re-check planning for sector development, construction, population, and land acquisition for the purposes of new project investment. In addition, the Centre has advised and adjusted projects for a better fit with the social - economic development stage of Vinh Long province; it has also coordinated with district and city people’s committees, departments, and sectors to make clear ground funds for better investment promotion.
The Centre has also associated with the Southern Investment Promotion Centre, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Investment and Trade Promotion Centres of Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi to organise three conferences introducing economic potential, preferential policies, as well as project lists calling for investments from domestic and foreign investors. Among those are two domestically held conferences and one internationally held conference, focusing on promoting investment from Northeast Asian and European countries.
According to Mr Pham Thanh Khon, in order to achieve the set targets and plan, in 2012, the province needs to carry put some solutions namely: Increasing the performance of State management and investment management to create the best conditions for investors to open their businesses in Vinh Long province; developing foreign affairs by linking investment promotion activities with business trips to foreign countries; and cooperating with institutions representing Vietnam in foreign countries, because these institutions are significant information channels for checking and supervising investor capacity when they come into Vietnam.
Apart from that, the Centre has also collected adequate data, concentrated in practically and scientifically exploiting domestic and foreign assessment information, established cooperation between related sectors, departments and institutions to create a reliable and timely data system for directors to operate effective enterprises.
Thanh Ha