VPBank Binh Duong: Trusted Address of Customers

5:30:31 PM | 4/1/2012

Although Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank has set up its branch in Binh Duong province for just a short time, with its modern technical equipment, high facilities, professional services, VPBank Binh Duong has quickly become a trusted address of enterprises and people from not only Binh Duong province, but also neighbouring provinces; it offers the best banking services and products.
Constant innovation
Lying in the quadrangular area of Southern key economic zone, Binh Duong is one of provinces that possess high economic development and most dynamic industrial development in the country. Along with advantages in natural conditions, social-economic development potentials, procedures and directions of the Party and the State, Binh Duong province will continue its sustainable development and become the most modern city in Vietnam and Southeast Asian area. According to the region development trend, in December 2010, VPBank marked it appearance in Binh Duong province with the purpose of partly contributing to social-economic development in the province. After that, VPBank Binh Duong has sufficiently satisfied customers with its banking products and services, such as capital mobilisation, credit services, underwriting services, trade finance, domestic and international payment, domestic and international card services...
Despite being a relatively young affiliate and established in the context of difficult and unstable economy, board managers and employees of VPBank Binh Duong always try to make differences and advantages in comparison with other banks in Binh Duong province. Furthermore, VPBank Binh Duong often holds customers’ reliability with its qualitative services, enthusiastic and professional serving style of all employees. Notwithstanding, in whatever job position, every VPBank Binh Duong member is keen on striving and improving creativity to build up customers’ confidence.
In addition, VPBank Binh Duong has also initiated to apply modern technology and diversify its products and services aiming to meet customers’ requirements. VPBank Binh Duong offers many professional services and products, for instance: VP Super, save for goodness, intelligent account, VP Couple... for individuals; VP Business for enterprises, through which it brings many useful and effective banking products and services for customers’ investments. Especially, in order to adapt and modify its products and services which are able to compete, VPBank Binh Duong always finds out customers’ needs as well as development trend of each local in Binh Duong province. In terms of continuous efforts, very creative solutions and even newly established, VPBank Binh Duong owns particular amount of customers and maintains its goodness and solid position in local people’s mind.
Good companion with corporate and individual customers
With aspiration of mutual supports to develop the provincial economy, from the very first time of establishment, VPBank Binh Duong has always accompanied enterprises in every moments of difficulties and advantages, especially VPBank Binh Duong has strived to unfreeze funds and timely provided credits for small and medium sized enterprises, so that they can survive in the most difficult period. In April 2011, together with parent VP Bank, VPBank Binh Duong started offering a VP Business package - a financial package solution, which is combined by a set of facilities, such as: competitive payment account with unlimited term interest, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, wage payment account and preferential credit. In accordance with that, from the time of product introduction to 31st December 2011, every enterprise registering to use VP Business package will have lots of privileges, for instance: no registration fees, whole package for registers, 1 percent decrease in interest rate compared to that regulated in interest rate list for a period of 3 months starting from disbursement day. Moreover, enterprises will be discounted 30 percent of costs of granting loans (including cost of reserve fund, insurance or credit letter issuance) and 50 percent of cost of transferring money by Internet Banking. This is considered competitive, strategic package of VPBank, helping enterprises utilize capital thoroughly and effectively, thanks to which they could maximize financial advantages and business opportunities at the time of complicated financial events currently.
Moreover, at the beginning of last September, VPBank started implementing programmes of granting short time loans at a preferential interest rate for some enterprises belonged to sectors of manufacturing, seafood import and export, health, education… with total limit up to VND3,000 billion. Accordingly, VPBank will apply an interest rate from 17 percent to 19 percent a year to some enterprises. With this programme, VPBank hopes to unfasten current difficulties together with enterprises. Besides those 2 support packages, VPBank is developing a Wholesale Block, concentrating on large scale customers, helping enterprises choose financial solutions suitable for their business.
Apart from products for enterprises integrating many outstanding advantages welcome by many enterprises, with notion of “Bank’s sustainable development cannot be separated from social prosperity”, from the very beginning of establishment, social activities have always been concerned by VPBank in general and VPBank Binh Duong in particular. Binh Duong brand always highly appreciates sustainability of the public, is always ready to share difficulties and loss with them; cares for social activities, accompanies the province in constant social activities such as: helping poor people, building gratitude houses, supporting poor-stricken families, interesting in nourishing the youth generation… Especially on the occasion of 18th anniversary of VPBank, brand organized a programme of granting directly bicycles and school supplies for poor pupils with high school results in the area, leaving a good impression to the locals. The pupils could not conceal their happiness while receiving meaningful gifts. This is a significant source of encouragement, motivating officials and employees of VPBank Binh Duong to make every effort, confidently and firmly step on the path of carrying out their social responsibilities.
Cong Luan