Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewage Co., Ltd: Building Corporate Culture

3:29:25 PM | 31/8/2012

Assigned to ensure water supply for household and production activities in Bac Giang City and surrounding areas, Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Co., Ltd always fulfils its duty to keep clean water flowing regularly and continuously.
Since it was operated as a one-member limited liability company in June 3, 2005, the company has expanded its operations and diversified services to ensure good employment and incomes for its staff. Its business lines include commercial water supply, construction, water supply project development, and water infrastructure development.
In the past few years, despite difficulties arising from impacts of global economic crisis, thanks to the flexible leadership and creativity of leaders and the collective strength of employees, Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Co., Ltd always outdoes its annual targets. In 2011, the firm raked in revenues over VND26.5 billion, up 4.18 percent over 2010. As of end-December 2011, the company supplied clean water for 32,024 households.
To sustain development and strengthen employee loyalty and dedication, the company aims to build corporate culture and make the company the "common home" for every staff member. Arts and sports movements are encouraged and a code of conduct is applied to build a cultured company with cultured and responsible people. With its endless endeavours, the company has improved water supply infrastructure systems and increased accessibility to clean water for inhabitants while enhancing public awareness of efficient and economic use of water. It has also boosted IT applications to boost operating efficiency, including accounting software and customer management software.
With its achievements, Bac Giang Water Supply and Sewerage Co., Ltd has been presented a lot of awards. In the coming time, the firm will continue expanding its production investment and market presence. Currently, it is stepping up the commencement of the second water plant funded by preferential loans. In addition, the company will gradually upgrade the existing water supply system to reduce the water loss ratio down to the lowest level.
Remarking on development orientations for the coming time, Mr Huong Xuan Cong, President and Director of the company, said: “We never rely on or abuse our monopolistic position, but we always try our best to improve our quality, reputation, brand name and corporate culture. Then, we will apply good solutions to expand production, increase sales, and reduce production costs in order to improve production and business efficiency.”
Le Sang