Polyclinic Hospital of Hoa Binh City: Environment Friendly to Patients

5:21:21 PM | 6/3/2013

Polyclinic Hospital of Hoa Binh City was re-established in 2006. After nearly 7 years of developing and maturing, it has now confirmed its position, brand and prestige in the medical system of Hoa Binh and is a trusted address for people in the northwest.
Training staff in ethics
Since establishment, the Management Board of the hospital has emphasized to doctors to well conduct the words of Uncle Ho that “Doctors must conduct themselves as parents”, strive to overcome difficulties to well implement their tasks of caring for people’ health. In an interview with us, Mr Pham Ky Son, Director of the hospital, said: To well implement the tasks of caring for and treating patients, the Management Board of the hospital has closely focused on training professionalism and ethics among doctors. For the last years, the hospital has cooperated closely with hospitals and medical universities to train professional skills such as I and II level specialists, masters and nursing. Especially, the hospital always concentrates on keeping the link between theory and practice, therefore students after finishing courses can apply obtained knowledge on practice of examining and treating diseases. Along with that, the hospital also promotes scientific research, as well as educating 12 articles of medical ethics to staff and employees aiming to continuously improve the quality of examining and treating diseases”, at the same time promoting a democratic supervising mechanism, always listening to and collecting ideas of patients and their families to rightly solve negatives in the hospital. As a result, although it is only a provincial central hospital with increasing number of patients, negative activities rarely occur there.
Scientific research projects attract special attention from the Management Board of the hospital and are considered a crucial task to push up the professional quality of doctors. For the last years, many projects and initiatives have been analysed, constructed and assessed according to the database of the hospital and many of them have been applied to treatment practice. One typical project is “Real condition and solutions for self-controlling resources to examine and treat diseases under Decree 43 in several provincial hospitals of Hoa Binh” by doctor Pham Ky Son and his colleagues, which was highly appreciated by Committee of Sciences and Techniques of Hoa Binh Medical Department, and is a good sector level project out of 31 projects of the treatment sector in the province.
Applying scientific progress in disease treatment
Recently, to meet increasing demand of examining and treating diseases, as well as to improve professional quality, the hospital has been equipped with many modern machines such as: ENT endoscopy system, osteoporosis meter, 3D/4D ultrasound… Especially, the polyclinic hospital of Hoa Binh city is the first province in Hoa Binh to manage examination and disease treatment by applying information technology. In fact, its patients have been examined by modern machines, thanks to which examinations and disease treatments have become more and more effective, contributing to decreasing number of patients who have to be transferred. At the same time, the hospital has saved lives in many critical cases and reduced costs for patients. In 2012, it examined for about 94,343 patients. Besides, it successfully conducted propagation and disease prevention for people, being a pioneer in emergency response when disasters occurred.
With conscience, responsibility and strong medical ethics and professional training, and new technology, doctors of the polyclinic hospital have successfully applied many new techniques in examining and treating their patients.
Ngoc Thanh