Ninh Binh - The Town on the Bank of Van River

3:26:22 PM | 8/7/2005

Ninh Binh - The Town on the Bank of Van River


Located along National Highway No.1A, about 90 kilometres to the south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh town is the political, economic and cultural centre of Ninh Binh province. In recent years, the town’s economic performance has seen positive improvements.


In 2003, the town’s economic growth rate reached 12 per cent, up 0.5 per cent against the planned target. The industrial and small-scale industrial production of the non-State sector stood at VND84.7 billion, up 12.36 per cent; the agricultural production value per hectare reached VND23 million. Trade and services activities have also vigorously developed, meeting the production and consumption demands of local people. Local infrastructure has been rehabilitated with new construction; the poverty rate has been reduced to 1.3 per cent; and the spiritual and material life of local people has unceasingly improved.


Encouraged by the above-mentioned accomplishments, in the years to come, Ninh Binh town will continue accelerating the transformation of its economic structure and attracting further investment in order to promote the development of all economic sectors, especially the private sector. At the same time, the town will focus on improving product quality and competitiveness, diversifying product types and business lines in order to create more jobs and raise employee incomes. Great importance will also be attached to developing infrastructure, building small and medium-scale industrial zones, and protecting the environment in the locality. The town is striving to develop its industry to become a large-scale production sector of Ninh Binh province with the main products of cement and clinker. With regard to agricultural production, apart from the rice crop, the town will also focus on farming other plants and animals of high economic value such as green shrimp, white bird fish and pink tilapia with a view to improving the sector’s economic effectiveness and export performance. The town provides incentives for enterprises in all economic sectors to encourage their participation in production and business activities.


In tandem with the acceleration of economic growth, the town will pay due attention to the development of medical care, education and culture; gradually socialise all social and cultural activities; organise training and re-training for officials, especially those in charge of economic management; fully mobilise internal resources and investment capital from all sources for infrastructure development.


With firm determination and tireless efforts, the Party Committee and the people of Ninh Binh town continue to creatively and effectively realise the Party’s guidelines and policies with regard for the specific local conditions, and strive to fulfill the planned targets so as to develop the town into a leading force in the economic development and integration of Ninh Binh province as a whole.

  • Bich Ha