Ninh Binh Province's Trade: Ready for Int'l Integration

3:26:22 PM | 8/7/2005

Ninh Binh Province's Trade: Ready for Int'l Integration

The trade service in Ninh Binh province has focused on implementing some major tasks since 2001 based on the major targets set by the Resolution of the 15th Congress of the provincial Party Committee and the programme of action of the provincial Party Committee on the development of services and international economic relations. Accordingly, the province will reorganise its internal market, boost trade information and promotion, promote export and import activities, continue to restructure State-owned enterprises, promote market supervision and examination, and fight smuggling and trade fraud. These activities have made significant early achievements.

Last year, despite many difficulties due to complicated developments in import and export markets together with the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), trade and service activities in Ninh Binh province continued to see rapid development with high circulation of goods and services in various forms to meet the demands of the local people. Trade enterprises have shifted from doing business only to combining trade with production and markets. Total retail sales of goods and services in the province reached VND 1,762 billion (about US$111.802 million), up by 14.9 per cent against that of 2002. Of this figure, VND 291 billion (about US$18.464 million) came from the State-owned sector. Import and export activities also made progress with total turnover of US$12.22 million, an increase of 16.3 per cent. Products of Ninh Binh province have now been exported to 30 countries and territories around the world. Local exporters maintained their traditional markets while developing some new ones.


To achieve this result, the local trade service has provided good State management of trade and service activities. In particular, in trade promotion, the service has launched a website ‘Ninh Binh Trade’ in both Vietnamese and English with information being updated regularly to introduce the province’s potential, socio-economic development policies and to help local enterprises introduce their products. The service has also successfully organised two fairs, creating favourable conditions for enterprises to promote their products. Guidelines and policies for trade development have been disseminated to local agencies and enterprises. The province’s trade service has gradually reorganised the local market to expand into export markets. A project to build four major markets to collect farm-produce and seafood materials has been submitted to the provincial People’s Committee. At the same time, a master plan has been developed for the petrol and oil supply network and a system of local markets until 2015. One enterprise’s ownership has been converted. The service has focused on strengthening enterprises operating in import and export in the province in coming years. Market management and the fight against smuggling, counterfeit goods and trade fraud have also received due focus.

This year, the Ninh Binh trade service will strive to earn total revenues of VND 2,600 billion (about US$164.974 million). Of the figure, VND 2,100 billion (about US$133.248 million), up by 19.2 per cent against that of last year, will come from total retail sales of goods and services. Export and import turnover will reach US$14 million and US$7 million, respectively. The industrial production value of enterprises under the department’s management will be put at VND 34.6 billion (about US$2.195 million). The contribution to the State budget is set to reach VND 6.589 billion (about US$418,083).  

To these ends, the Ninh Binh trade service has identified that it is necessary to boost import and export activities on the basis of a well structured local market, implementing its import and export strategies until 2010 via concrete programmes and projects. Also, the province will concentrate on helping local enterprises overcome challenges, accelerate their restructure and improve their effectiveness. The service will assist in the development of modern business models, meeting the socio-economic development demands of Ninh Binh province, and boost trade promotion activities and market management, thus contributing to the development of a healthy market and improving the effectiveness of State management in trade and services.   

  • Nguyen Huy Son, Director of Ninh Binh Trade Department