Thang Long Industrial Park II –Important Highlighted Location to Attract Investors to Hung Yen

5:21:12 PM | 8/5/2013

Thang Long Industrial Park II is invested by Thang Long Industrial Park II Corporation (TLIPII), a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, a capable and experienced enterprise which invested and developed many industrial park infrastructure projects worldwide. Thang Long Industrial Park II is highly appreciated by the Hung Yen province Communist Party Committee, People’s Committee leaders as well as the concerned authorities for its effort to complete fully infrastructure, provide services, and investment in modern water supply and sewage treatment systems. Thang Long Industrial Park II is regarded as a model industrial park, an important highlight in the domestic and overseas investment attracting strategy of Hung Yen Province, especially attracting Japanese investors.
Thang Long Industrial Park II in the whole scale of 345,6 ha and total cost of VND1,900 billion is invested into 2 phases: Phase 1 (220 ha) was completed and leased out 94 percent. With the target of creation a modern and typing industrial park to benefit the best to its tenants, TLIPII had invested completely the full technical infrastructures with the following items: transportation road system, industrial water supply system with total designed capacity of 18,000m3 /day to distribute water until the tenant land plot, exclusive sewage collection and treatment systems with designed capacity of 15.000m3/day, power distribution system connected directly with national grid through the 110kV/22kV Sub-Station with designed capacity of 176 MVA invested by itself. In addition, TLIPII co-operates with other service suppliers to provide the various supporting services such as: logistics, banking, Japanese restaurant, telecommunication, industrial cleaning, landscaping, security service etc. Beside that, TLIPII is granted the ISO14000:2004 certificate by SGS Co., Ltd. for its Environmental Management Systems as a commitment to protect the rural environment through the balance operations of Thang Long Industrial Park II and its tenants.
Thang Long Industrial Park II is the important highlight location in the Hung Yen province’s strategy to attract the investment. Since the commencement of operation, Thang Long Industrial Park II has been a significant attraction for investors. To date, Thang Long Industrial Park II hosts 37 investment projects, all from Japan and among them, 25 investment projects already started operation, created around 6,000 jobs. Continuing the success of its Phase 1, TLIPII started the investment for Phase 2 in the land area of 125,6 ha. TLIPII had completed the compensation and land clearance work, started the land filling work and prepared for the infrastructure construction work. As the schedule, Phase 2 will be able to handover the land to its tenant since middle of 2014, and it should be considered as a great chance for investors who want to locate a business in Thang Long Industrial Park II.
While all the tenants of Thang Long Industrial Park II come into stable operation, it is estimated to create around 60,000 jobs with steady income for the local and surrounding province’s workers. In addition to the TLIPII’s contribution to State budget, the tenants who invested into the industrial park also create a big contribution as well as motivate the province’s economic development to achieve the target of industrialization – modernization and international integration.  
Mr Akito Shiraishi, TLIPII General Director, shared with us “Come to Hung Yen, we are always getting big support from provincial Communist Party Committee, People’s Committee leaders and relevant authorities through their opening investment encouragement policies within the legal background. The province also provides the specific investment attractive activities to domestic and foreign investor who locates business in Thang Long Industrial Park II such as support in enterprise-setting-up procedures or creating the clear legal corridor. However, we are still looking forward to their continuous supports to settle promptly some outstanding matters.”