Lao Cai Taxation Fostering Communication

5:27:51 PM | 29/8/2013

Given remarkable efforts of taxation sector in comprehensive and dramatic simplification of procedures and measures to collect contributions for State Budget in 2012, there were recognized results regarding the task of State Budget collection in Lao Cai.
Given the tradition of beating target for provincial budget collection in 22 continuous years and fulfilling State Budget collection estimate, in 2013, Lao Cai was assigned to collect VND1,795 billion by the Government and VND1,935 billion by the Provincial People’s Committee for the State Budget. The provincial taxation has its estimated collection of VND1,890 billion in the balance, which is up by 5 percent against the Government’s assignment. This remarks the provincial socio-economic development. The collection amount is small in relation with the whole Budget but plays an important role in the provincial economic development and contribution to State Budget.
Not only fulfilling the task of collecting for State Budget, Lao Cai Taxation also concentrates on communicating and providing support to tax payers to follow the regulations and laws by organising sessions guiding the exercise of new tax policies, making amendments and supplements especially with policies on support for enterprises and guarantee for socio-economic development and social welfare such as Resolution 13/NQ-CP and 29/2012QH13 of Government and National Assembly etc; strictly and timely observing the Governmental preferential tax policies for tax payers; disseminating contents of assistance, tax deduction and exemption for tax payers and tax officers in details; handling difficulties for businesses, entrepreneurs and creating trust, enthusiasm and spreading influence; helping foster production and business development and surge economic growth.
The sector also boosts communication so that new tax policies, amended and supplemented ones as well as those on bills on product and service supply could be put into practice; fosters provision of assistance to tax payers to help them understand and follow tax policies properly; creates the most preferential conditions for payers’ taxation duties fulfillment and continues to implement measures on strategies of taxation reform and modernisation in the coming time.
Besides, the sector also emphasizes on receiving feedbacks from tax payers; amends, compiles and submits to competent agencies for changes in taxation administrative procedures that are no longer suitable; assist tax payers in tax declaration using free HTKK software; reviews and publicize the taxation administrative procedures.
Tax offices have also comprehensively adopted measures of collection management to ensure the adequate, timely contribution to State Budget; reviewed, provided training and reorganized the personnel, assigned qualified staff to core divisions and assured that each officers could promote their capacity and well fulfill their tasks. In coming time, Lao Cai Taxation targets to improve the performance of “one-gate” division; coordinates to conduct “linked one-gate” in issuing business registration, tax code, seal and notification on financial duty related to land at environment and natural resources department; uses IT applications to modernize tax management; develops softwares for local tax management etc.
The achievements in 2012 are driving force for Lao Cai Taxation to maintain their fulfillment of contributions to State Budget in 2013 and following years. Lao Cai Taxation Bureau determines its core duties in 2013 as to beat target of collecting over VND 1,890 billion, timely exercise governmental and provincial guidance documents on measures for implementation of socio-economic development plans and state budget estimate in 2013; actively contribute to better tax policies; continue to reform and modernize taxation sector; guaranteeing maintenance and development of 4 tax core values of “transparency, professionalism, integrity and reform”.
An An