Quang Binh Authorities in Partnership with Businesses

4:55:11 PM | 19/9/2013

Businessman are the forces on the economic front who directly produce, do business, create jobs, promote economic growth and contribute to ensuring social security. With that perspective, leaders of Quang Binh province are always interested to facilitate and accompany businesses and entrepreneurs in the process of socio-economic development.
Quang Binh has natural and social advantages to develop the general and comprehensive economy and is assessed as one of provinces with good investment environment in Vietnam. In addition to the country’s incentives for some fields and projects that the province has potential and encourages investment such as building seaports, power plants, factories manufacturing electronic components, refrigeration industry, construction material production, wind power projects and tourism. Quang Binh has a number of supporting policies and incentives for investors, such as support for compensation, site clearance, labour training, the construction of technical infrastructure for projects outside industrial zones, supporting environmental remediation; and exemption or reduction of land rent.
In 2011 and 2012, Quang Binh province ranks first in the public administration index (PAPI) as voted by UNDP and other international organizations in Vietnam. Besides, the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) on the quality of economic management and building favourable business environment for business development has been repeatedly upgraded. In 2012, Quang Binh ranked 38/63 provinces and cities classified in good group. Currently the province is implementing comprehensive measures to improve 9 index components, particularly focusing on improving three indicators: transparency, dynamism and pioneering of provincial leadership; business support services and legal institutions. The improvement of these indicators have enhanced transparency, access to information, dissemination of plans, policies and guidelines of the Party and State to enterprises, contributing to improved infrastructure, creating confidence in the business to contribute more to the growth and development of the locality.

In recent years, enterprises in the province have been struggling with the negative effects of the economic downturn and facing fierce competition to develop. Realizing this is the time when businesses desperately need the help of the government to solve problems, the provincial People's Committee has directed the industry and agencies to focus on the implementation of Resolution 01/NQ-CP dated January 7th 2013 of the Government on major solutions guidance to implement socio-economic development plans and the State budget forecast in 2013, especially Resolution 02/NQ-CP of the Government on the implementation of solutions to remove difficulties for production, marketing assistance and resolving bad debt. Specifically, the banking industry has instructed credit institutions to reduce interest rates of old borrowing loans to minimum rate and implement debt extension, rescheduling, new loans, lower interest rates to share and support corporate. Provincial Tax Bureau made tax extension, tax exemption and reduction under Resolution 21/NQ-CP, Resolution 13/NQ-CP, Resolution 02/NQ-CP with the amount over VND 228 billion . The Department of Finance, Industry and Trade strengthens the inspection and testing prices in the area, especially the essential items relating to the business of manufacturing enterprises and strictly control the unreasonable rising cost of inputs for business. Department of Natural Resources and Environment and locality increase and push for assessment, referral sites, and land lease and clearance for investment projects in the province. Department of Planning and Investment creates favourable conditions to shorten the time in business registration, granting certificate of investment and project evaluation, and at the same time consults PPC promptly to allocate basic capital, ensuring investors and units implementing construction projects on proposed schedule. Specifically, PPC has worked with many departments and had direct dialogue with the business to direct the implementation of policies and measures and timely help enterprises overcome difficulties, look for business opportunities and stabilize production.

With the motto "The success of the enterprise is also the province’s success," Quang Binh provincial leaders always try to make the business environment more flexible, in that the authority stands side by side and accompanies businesses to overcome all obstacles to develop. The efforts of local governments with the coordination of business and businessman in Quang Binh will be a strong driving force to help the economy and society of the province reach new achievements.
Nguyen Huu Hoai
Chairman of Quang Binh People’s Committee