KORUCO - For a Rich, Prosperous Kon Tum

3:49:01 PM | 10/10/2013

With its endless effort for construction and development, Kon Tum Rubber Company Limited (KORUCO) has quickly become a leading rubber company in Vietnam and formed a prosperous economic region in the province of Kon Tum. Not only creating stable employment for thousands of local workers, the success of KORUCO has also provided resources for improving rural infrastructure, social security and living standards of local people.
Quality makes the name
With the support of the provincial government as well as the Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) in the past time, the seamless unity of KORUCO’s staff helps increase revenues, preserve and develop capital sources, and fulfil tax obligations to the State. KORUCO is now running two rubber latex processing factories with an annual capacity of 15,000 tonnes. Its latex products include SVR3L, SVR5, SVR10, SVR20 and RSS. These are modern rubber production lines in Vietnam now with complete wastewater treatment systems. These facilities ensure processing of latex made by the company and purchased from other sources. The firm has also invested to produce SVR CV50 and SVR CV60 product lines to diversify product categories to meet market demand. Particularly, high-quality SVR CV60 latex has been successfully tested. With appraised quality and guaranteed delivery schedule, KORUCO products are not only consumed in the domestic market (60 per cent of the company’s output) but also exported to other countries (40 per cent), including Europe and China.
For a rubber company, a sustainable material zone and a good relationship with farmers play a very important role. Therefore, KORUCO pays a great attention to developing material zones. For the time being, the company is managing 10,207 ha, including 9,242.31 ha being tapped. Up to 55 per cent of the company’s rubber area has been leased to farmers who sell their products to the company later. KORUCO has carefully calculated expenses to offer much-applauded prices for farmers, thus strengthening their consensus with the company’s development plans.
Its high operating efficiency and robust development of KORUCO have positively contributed to socioeconomic development, created jobs and stable incomes for more than 8,000 local labourers (70 per cent are ethnic minorities), and helped reduce poverty in the province. In addition, the company has built up the rubber industry to become a flagship industry in Kon Tum province, helping protect the ecological environment, preserve national security and defence in the national borderline junction with Laos and Cambodia, and accelerate the robust development of Kon Tum province. In the past three years from 2010 to June 2013, with increasing annual business results, KORUCO has paid VND348.72 billion to the State Budget and paid its employees VND7 million each a month on average.
Taking corporate culture as a foundation
Together with focusing on business development, KORUCO has paid much attention to building and developing corporate culture as it is considered a golden factor in the success of the company. General Director Le Kha Liem of KORUCO said, "Along with the development of market economy, building corporate culture is essential work, but it is not easy. However, we are determined that building corporate culture plays a very important role because it is translated into the leadership style of managers and working attitudes of employees.
Seeing the human factor as an invaluable property and the core of success and sustainability, KORUCO attaches great importance to providing favourable conditions for individual employees to maximise their capabilities. All employment policies like social insurance, health insurance, working protection, catering service and vacations for employees are fully implemented.
The health care for employees is also appreciated. The company’s clinics and medical units examine health and treat diseases for employees and ethnic minorities in the areas with the company’s business presence. Kindergartens are also built.
Not only endeavouring to build and foster corporate culture, KORUCO also very actively takes part in community development activities. The company always pays attention to building roads to serve its business operations and facilitate travelling of local people in the company’s material zones. It frequently partakes in charitable and pro-community activities like taking care of heroic Vietnamese mothers and severely wounded soldiers, supporting orphans and people with disabilities and building charitable houses. KORUCO has donated VND14.56 billion to social development and charitable activities since 2010.
With its outstanding business achievements and contributions to the community, KORUCO has been honoured with noble prizes and awards like the First, Second and Third-grade Labour Orders, National Protection Order, Vietnam Gold Star Award, Vietnam Top 100 Brand Award, Gold Cup for Ethnic Minorities Development, and International Economic Integration Gold Cup. Le Kha Liem said: "We are very happy and proud because, in addition to our contributions to the State Budget, what makes us happiest is our significant contribution to infrastructure construction like power grids, roads, schools, medical stations in far-lying areas, which help improve living quality of local people. Especially, we have changed perception, raised knowledge, created jobs, and helped farmers escape poverty and lead good life. These help maintain social order and security overall.”