For the Development of Ha Nam Businesses

4:42:35 PM | 21/10/2013

On October 15th 2013, in Ha Nam province, the first general meeting of the Ha Nam Business Association in the term of 2013 - 2018 chaired by the provincial People’s Committee marked the introduction of Ha Nam Business Association.
Established 17 years ago, Ha Nam now has over 3,000 enterprises. Of which, over 86 enterprises are foreign invested. Provincial enterprises have been developing in both quantity and quality, noticeably contributing to the economic growth of Ha Nam province. However, Ha Nam business community still has limitations in accessing new technologies, investment capital, high skilled human resources, creativity, differences as well as small market, crude and low quality services and products. As the result, the establishment of Ha Nam Business Association becomes a turning point in development process of local enterprises community as well as of Ha Nam province.
Mr Mai Tien Dung, Chairman of Ha Nam People’s Committee shared that: the provincial business association is designed to create an environment where enterprises can connect and support each other to develop, improve business effectiveness. It is also a bridge connecting enterprises and state authorities to broadcast legal regulations related to enterprises’ businesses, protect proper legal rights of members, contribute to provincial socio-economic development.
Speaking at the meeting, Dr Vu Tien Loc, President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) introduced Ha Nam’s provincial competitiveness index (PCI) in 2012 with proper approach, experiences, solutions and common practices in order to improve its business environment, attract investment to promote economic growth, heighten its PCI in following years.
Dr Vu Tien Loc highly appreciated that Ha Nam has made 10 commitments to foreign investments, especially the commitment of no strikes or stop-works; shared difficulties and challenges that enterprises have had to face. He also emphasized: To overcome current difficulties, enterprises should struggle with interior problems, change old thinking. Besides, they need the companion of authorities. Dr Loc confirmed that in the near future, the relationship between Ha Nam provincial People’s Committee and the VCCI will be further promoted, helping connect local enterprises with Ha Nam authorities.
Le Hien - Thanh Nga