Tay Ninh Regular Education Centre: Trusted Training Provider

4:59:51 PM | 18/12/2013

Working side by side with Tay Ninh education and training in enhancing educational levels and professional skills, helping people with continuing education, making it a lifelong mission to develop people's abilities, advance knowledge to raise life quality, finding and creating employment, enjoying social life, are the objectives Tay Ninh Province’s Regular Education Centre has been working for.
Tay Ninh Regular Education Centre was established on February 5th 1985 under Decision 05/QD.UB of Tay Ninh Provincial People Committee (PPC), first known as Tay Ninh Centre for In- Service University, working under the PPC. On December 5th 1996, the unit was officially renamed as Tay Ninh Regular Education Centre under decision No.149/QD.UB of the PPC’s Chairman.
To timely supply the demand of high-quality teaching and learning, the Centre has regularly invested in upgrading facilities and teaching equipment. Specifically, the Centre currently owns two main campuses of 25 rooms, a 300-seat hall, a teaching staff of 21 together with many experienced lecturers invited from reputed schools. With this solid foundation, the Centre has performed well its functions and tasks of teaching. For example, the Centre has implemented many educational programmes of various levels: Cambridge English Course of A, B and C level, the TOEFL and IELTS courses, Short Computer Courses of A and B level. The Centre also studied provincial demand to identify necessary learning content and propose the most suitable learning styles for each kind of learners. Additionally, the Centre has collaborated with many other universities, colleges, technical schools and institutes such as the University of Natural Sciences, University of Saigon, University of Economics, University of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Science and Technology, Pedagogical University, Institute of Business Management etc, to recruit students and organise informal classes of university, college, vocational level and short specialized training sessions in localities in Natural Science, Social Sciences - Humanities, Economics, Engineering, Law, Education, Agriculture, Forestry, Services in accordance with the Education Law.
With efforts and dedication from the staff, teachers and students, Tay Ninh Education Centre was proud to be honoured with many achievements, which are also the motivation for the Centre to continue working hard and contributing to the provincial education sector. Most notably of these are the 3rd Grade Labour Order, the Government’s Certificate of Commendation for being the leading unit in the emulation movement of 2011-2012 school year and many other noble certificates of merit.
To serve its leading position and role in provincial education, the centre has decided on its path and direction for future development. “For the time ahead, the centre will strengthen ties with other agencies and departments, timely grasp the local learning demands thereby identifying necessary learning content and creating appropriate form of education. At the same time, we will continue to collaborate with universities, colleges, vocational schools and research institutions in the country to open more education programmes to meet the employment needs of local industries. The Centre will pay attention to training and improving political awareness, professional skills for staff and employees in order to enhancing training quality. In addition to that, we will play an advisory role to provincial leaders in improving facilities suitable with development scale of the centre, procuring modern equipment to better serve teaching and learning activities, improving training quality,” shared Mr Tran Tam Ho – the Centre Director.
On the strong foundation constructed from the effort of the enthusiastic and responsible staff, in the future when the new campus is completed to better contribute to teaching and learning, Tay Ninh Education Centre will become one of the most reliable training venues in the province.
Kim Bang