Ha Tinh Port - Flexible Business Strategy the Key to Success

3:26:25 PM | 8/7/2005

Ha Tinh Port - Flexible Business Strategy the Key to Success

 Ha Tinh Port, whose precursor was the Ha Tinh Maritime Transportation and Trading Company, was set up in 1992. In the context of tough competition in the market mechanism, the company faced many difficulties in its new businesses such as transportation and agent services and intermediary and gas supply.

To stand firm the company has renewed its businesses, invested in upgrading technology and helped their staff members improve their skills. Also, the company has promoted marketing activities, learning about customers' demand and changing its services as such.  Thanks to maintaining its traditional customer base and adding more new customers, the company has expanded its market share. The company's suppliers in Haiphong and Saigon have all their gas products examined at laboratories. For handling services in the Xuan Hai and Vung Ang ports, the company has accelerated the loading and unloading of cargoes.

The company has invested a lot time and money in trademark building and creating prestige products for the market.  The company has also offered incentives to motivate its cadres and workers to increase productivity and improve the quality of services. As a result, many new initiatives have been applied.

Furthermore, the company has focused on human resource development and attracting qualified cadres and staff members. It has always encouraged and created favourable conditions for its cadres and workers to join training courses to improve their working skills. So far, the company has sent one cadre to Singapore for training and others to training courses on container loading and unloading organised by the State. Each year, the company organises training courses and visits to other enterprises for its cadres and workers to gain experience from them.

With its flexible business strategy, the Ha Tinh port has found its foothold in the market with its revenues seeing a high year-on-year increase. Its revenues reached VND 63.45 billion (about US$4.02 million) in 2003, or VND 4 billion (about US$253,485) higher than that of 2002. Total cargoes increased from 230,000 tonnes in 2002 to 490,000 tonnes in 2003.

  • Nhat Minh

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