Dong Thap PCI: Straightforward Approach

5:21:04 PM | 2/9/2014

Since the first edition of the provincial competitiveness index (PCI), Dong Thap province has never dropped to below the 11th position, and it led the country in 2012. Here are some of the secrets that have helped Dong Thap province ‘reign’ over the PCI ranking table for years.
Steady from competitiveness
The PCI ranking of Dong Thap province has always been the top part of the nation since the index was launched, thus building up the confidence of the provincial government in creating the fine picture of Dong Thap in the eyes of investors. Mr Ngo Hong Chieu, Deputy Director of Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Thap, said this success is primarily attributed to good remarks of the business community on the provincial leadership. Additionally, the devotion of State employees to the service for the business community also helps improve administrative apparatus.
To maintain the high PCI ranking, Dong Thap province is determined to raise the administrative thinking and professionalise the service manner in an attempt to build a servicing government. The province takes the social satisfaction as a measure of assessing the degree of task fulfilment. Being fully aware that the opportunity of investors is also that of the locality and businesses are local socioeconomic development partners, Dong Thap province always shows open and friendly attitude, flexible and enthusiastic servicing manner in the work to create trust and excitement of businesses when they invest in the province.
Taking PCI component indices into consideration, Dong Thap has improved many aspects, particularly human resource training, support service development encouragement, and transparency of development planning and land-use planning. Every year, after PCI results are announced, the provincial government and the business community assemble to discuss, analyse and learn about enterprises’ opinions. By doing so, the province will know more about its good doings and bad points, identify causes to existing problems, and seek practical solutions.
Moreover, the province also founded the PCI Consulting Group with the tasks of proposing solutions for improving PCI component indices and consulting investment and business-related policies.
Strong from administration reform
With the “Accompanying businesses” policy initiated by the provincial leadership, Dong Thap has persistently overcome existing barriers and challenges to make changes to working style, managerial thinking and perception of enterprises’ roles in provincial development. The province has also drastically reformed public administration. With the high consensus of all tiers of government, Dong Thap has achieved very satisfactory results, including PCI. The high PCI ranking is the clearest evidence.
Particularly, in implementing the overall public administrative reform programme in the 2011-2020 period, Dong Thap province ranked fourth in the nation. This was a proud achievement which will continue to be promoted by the province in the future. Accordingly, the province will accelerate the process of administrative reform, strengthen government - business ties to create a better investment environment in the future, and step up the implementation of public administration reform policy of the government, also called Project 30. The province will strictly control the issuance of legal documents, apply information technology to "e-government", and raise the capacity of State employees.
Besides, Dong Thap has called all administrative units and State employees to change management thinking and working style and build up a servicing government. The province takes social satisfaction as a measure for assessing the degree of task fulfilment of every administrative unit. The province will upgrade the quality and capability of State employees. Mr Chieu said “It is important that the head of a unit must look back on what he/she has done, listen to opinions from businesses, rectify his/her staff. They must work together to create the best environment for investors when they decide to make investment in Dong Thap.”
Viet Trung