Tapping Hau Giang Tourism Potential

5:58:13 PM | 25/9/2014

In recent years, Hau Giang Tourism Promotion Information Centre has constantly strengthened investment promotion, broadcasting the image of Hau Giang tourism, contributing to tap tourism potential and making tourism a key economic sector of the province.
Hau Giang has many untapped tourism potentials. According to experts, with a dense network of rivers, fertile soil, and fruit orchards, beautiful natural landscapes and historical relics, Hau Giang has advantageous conditions for distinctive tourism development.
Develop potential tourism forms
According to Mr Nguyen Van Hoang, Director of Hau Giang Tourism Promotion Information Centre, the province has great potential for development of tourism forms, in which ecotourism is considered a specific one. In Hau Giang, visitors can experience the ecology of tropical fruit orchards and fauna and flora in the Tay Do Ecopark, Phu Huu eco-tourism Park; or explore the Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve, a well-known low-lying area with unique wildlife of many species of seasonally inundated plants.
Hau Giang is famous for historical monuments such as Uncle Ho Temple, Victory 75 Enemy Battalion Monuments, Can Tho’s Provincial Committee Base, creating favourable conditions for the development of additional tourism types such as "red tourism", contributing to the preservation of local historic and cultural values.
In addition, Hau Giang has great potential for community tourism development through a number of well-known specialties such as Cau Duc pineapple, Long Tri tangerine, Phu Huu Nam Roi grapefruit, Cai Tac pork porridge, or Nga Bay floating market. Since this is tourism type which does not cost much as other ones so it accommodates the current difficult conditions of the province. When this type is officially put into operation, combined with historic sites and other attractive tourist sites will create a chain of tourism destinations to attract tourists, changing look of the tourism and improving local people’s lives.
Enhancing promotion, investment attraction
According to Mr Hoang, to attract more tourists to Hau Giang to explore, learn the unique culture of Hau Giang, the Provincial Tourism Promotion Information Centre will advise the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to propose the General Department of Mekong Tourism Development for each unique tourism product of each province to provide highlights to attract tourists.
The Province also increases promotion, creates favourable conditions to call for investment in key tourism projects such as the Lung Ngoc Hoang Natural Reserve, Spring Plantation Eco-tourism Park, Dai Han Lake Ecopark, Viet-Aus melaleuca forest ecology park, Ho Sen tourism park, Kenh Lau ecology park, Triangle Lake tourism park, Nga Bay floating market, Cau Duc pineapple community tourism. The province also plans to build, adjust and supplement the detailed planning of tourism development, rebuilding all public toilets in tourism areas and completing accommodations for visitors; conduct advocacy, coordination with service business units in the area to build self-contained service processes, thereby, forming entertainment services for tourists .
In particular, Hau Giang Province, in collaboration with media agencies, strengthens propaganda and promotion for tourism. The province regularly organizes workshops, annual festivals to build the image, culture and people of Hau Giang to domestic and foreign tourists; simultaneously, strengthens links with localities nationwide and travel companies to form tourist routes in and out of the province, opening up new opportunities in tourism development in the province.
Khanh Linh