Quang Nam Infrastructure Development Investment JSC: Dynamic and Creative to Affirm Brand

10:11:52 AM | 27/11/2014

Implementing the socialisation of investment in infrastructure policy by the State, Quang Nam Infrastructure Development Investment JSC has been gradually affirming its brand.
Founded in 2011 as a unit investing in infrastructure operating in the form of a public joint stock company, Quang Nam Infrastructure Development Investment JSC has attracted idle funds from people and other economic sectors effectively to develop technical infrastructure. The company has been investing in many projects, contributing significantly to the socio-economic development in the province. Notably are the two following projects:
The project of "Residential area along An Ha - Quang Phu street, An Phu Ward, Tam Ky city" has an area of 11.3 hectares with the total investment of VND108.0 billion. This project is considered the foundation for the development of the company. The project is invested with synchronised technical infrastructure including transportation, drainage, trees, water supply, electricity and lighting under full urban standards. The project is serving resettlement for other projects in the area, meeting part of the demand for housing construction and public works serving for the region and paving the way for Tam Ky city to expand to the east. With the goal of building a residential area to serve the middle-income and salaried employees, the company has developed reasonable land prices coupled with attractive incentives such as deferring for one year, giving priority for public servants who have not yet had houses and supporting the entire cost for red books, etc. Products of the project are diverse and have high quality. The most important thing is to bring economic efficiency for society and the satisfaction for customers.
Parallel and contributing to the company's brand is the project of "Cay Sanh market place neighborhood, Dan Tam commune, Phu Ninh district", which has an area of 4.26 hectares with the total investment capital of VND23.2 billion and located on the axis of DT616, the lifeblood of trade roads among Tam Ky, Phu Ninh and Tien Phuoc and mountainous districts namely Bac Tra My and Nam Tra My. The project has contributed significantly to the development of rural trade and facilitated trade and exchange of goods and agricultural products in the province, contributing to accelerating the process of constructing new countryside in the locality.
The company is affirming its prestige and quality to create confidence for its customers in each project by the contribution of a team of dynamic young people who are creative and determined to follow the development of each project. On top of that is the spirit of unity among the staff, which is also the foundation to create the comprehensive development of the company. Besides, being a young enterprise in the new age, the company has been always interested in sharing with the community in a variety of practical programs such as supporting for education promotion fund, sponsoring the construction of charity houses, building houses for people in ethnic mountainous area, etc., thereby showing the spirit of deep humanity.
With what has already been achieved, in the spirit of constantly learning and creativity, Quang Nam Infrastructure Development Investment Company has been growing continuously and becoming a prestigious investment business trusted by customers and the society. It is believed that with the strategy set out, along with the determination of the company's staff, in the near future Quang Nam Infrastructure Development Investment JSC will become a popular destination for customers with many important projects, contributing to the socio-economic development of Quang Nam province.
Duy Anh