Binh Dien - Lam Dong Fertiliser: Solid Steps

2:22:45 PM | 23/12/2014

Despite economic difficulties and fluctuations in recent years, Binh Dien - Lam Dong Fertiliser Company has managed to maintain its business growth, stable employment for employees and important contributions to local budget revenue. Mr Nguyen Quang Hiep, General Director of Binh Dien - Lam Dong Company, talked about the company’s success to Vietnam Business Forum. Han Luong reports.
Would you be kind enough to briefly introduce achievements of Binh Dien - Lam Dong Company and its important contributions to the agricultural development of the country after nearly 16 years of production and development?
After going public in 2009, Binh Dien - Lam Dong Joint Stock Company has maintained stable growth. Revenue and sales expand over 20 percent annually. In 2013, the company sold 87,000 tonnes of fertilisers and earned revenue of VND800 billion. In 2014, the company is expected to sell over 90,000 tonnes and rake in VND850 billion of revenue.
In recent years, our company has paid over VND20 billion to the State Budget a year. The average monthly income of an employee was VND9 million in 2013, one of the highest pays in Lam Dong province.
Binh Dien-Lam Dong Company always focuses on improving product quality. We continuously performs research and development (R&D), improves product quality and test fertiliser formulas to make the best products for farmers.
Remarkably, the company is the sole organic fertiliser producer in the Binh Dien system. In 2009, the company invested over VND20 billion to build an organic fertiliser factory and a modern organic laboratory. In early stage, we provided over 10,000 tonnes of organic fertilisers a year for consumers.
As known, the R&D staff of the company always studies to turn out best fertilisers for specific crops, soil and production cycles. Would you mind talking about your company’s new products and projects?
In reality, Binh Dien-Lam Dong Joint Stock Company continuously studies and develops new products suitable for soil conditions, soil properties and crops. The company attaches much importance to developing organic fertilisers, high-grade NPK fertilisers and special NPK fertilisers.
Besides, the company closely cooperates with scientists and authorities to study local natural conditions to produce best fertilisers for crops grown in different soil in different time.
As the sole producer of organic fertiliser, branded Dau Trau (Buffalo Head), Binh Dien - Lam Dong Joint Stock Company knows to promote its prestige and brand advantages to sell its organic fertilisers to the market. Aimed to fuel clean, green and sustainable agricultural development, the company has focused its resources to make organic fertilisers capable of disease resistance, soil enrichment, and fungi killing.
In 2010, the company invested to build a research lab to study and manufacture microbial fertiliser. The microbial lab selects, cultures and multiplies microorganisms beneficial to soil and crops, provides enough preparations for the company to produce organic fertilisers.
The company’s products function to enrich and balance soil nutrients. The company also studies substances to prevent soil erosion and decomposition. The company’s products are also friendly to the environment.
What objectives and orientations will the company head for to maintain and develop its brand name to a new high?
We will continue to cooperate with other units in Binh Dien fertiliser system to develop Dau Trau brand name. We will continue to side with farmers when they grow, sell products and acquire new techniques. We will build a Lam Dong province-wide distribution system and expand it to other provinces in the Central Highlands and the Southern Central Region. In addition to fertiliser, we will also study high-yield, high-quality crop varieties.