Ha Giang Tourism Potential Continues to Be Tapped

4:02:04 PM | 24/3/2016

On March 16, 2016, in Hanoi, the Scientific Union for Sustainable Tourism Development (STDe) organised a conference to announce the new tour “Happiness Road - The path to the heart of stone”. The tour is expected to be a breakthrough, tapping the tourism potential of Ha Giang, the northernmost province of Vietnam.
Speaking at the conference, STDe Chairwoman Nguyen Thu Hanh stated that a tourism brand was essentially the outstanding and unique values of tourism products, expressed under the most quintessential and succinct forms elevated to create noble emotional values that humanity yearned for. “Happiness Road” was the core value of the nature and people in Ha Giang, an important typical factor for the creation and promotion of Ha Giang’s tourism brand. Through “Happiness Road”, tourists could understand and experience the most beautiful natural and cultural values of the province.
According to Ms Hanh, in the past, visitors came to Ha Giang mainly to view the buckwheat flower season and admire the wild, grandeur beauty of the land. But Ha Giang could now offer visitors even more unforgettable and unrivalled experiences, through tourism products exploiting its rocky geography. Following the “Happiness Road”, tourists from every corner of the world would have an emotional and inspiring journey when opening up in front of them was the endless beautiful scenery of the karst plateau. Not many people would refuse a chance to conquer this stretch of road, to admire the majestic scenery of Dong Van Karst Plateau, the home of the Ma Pi Leng pass and a diversified range of rocky landscapes.
About this new tour, Ms Hanh said the tour would contain three sets of products: “The soul of stone”; “Gold in rock” and “Flowers in stone”. “The soul of stone” included sightseeing activities in spectacular rock sites from Bac Sum Pass, Cong Troi Pass, Can Ty Pass, Mau Due Pass, Lung Cu flag tower and Ma Pi Leng Pass, to archaeological stone sites, visiting the resort “Heart of Stone”, the monument of youth volunteers who opened the “Happiness Road”, as well as having enjoyable experiences such as sleeping in stone hotels and villas, drinking stone coffee, and participating in rocky adventures. Meanwhile, “Gold in rock” would take visitors closer to Ha Giang’s maize plant through activities such as: Visiting artworks on cornfields, enjoying corn cuisine, making handmade souvenirs from maize and lodging in house built of corn. The “Flowers in stone” consisted of various themes suitable for different ages such as sightseeing and taking photos on buckwheat flower fields featuring beautiful artworks.
Highly appreciating the tour’s creativity, many participants believed the uniqueness and novelty of this set of products would provide an unforgettable highlight for Ha Giang tourism, helping transform this locality into a high note of northern tourism. However, it’s also said that to realise this product, efforts from administration agencies, authorities and businesses to facilitate favourable conditions were crucial.
Mr Trieu Tai Vinh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Ha Giang Province appreciated the tourism product “Happiness Road” by STDe. He believed this product would be of practical significance to Ha Giang’s efforts to develop sustainable tourism; help change the perception of the heads of all levels as well as every person living on the rocky plateau in Ha Giang. Mr Vinh hoped tourism businesses would take more interest in “Happiness Road” and introduce more visitors to Ha Giang to experience this unique tourism product. For the upcoming time, Ha Giang would create the most favourable conditions and be in close coordination with STDe as well as businesses to deploy this product.
At the seminar, many travel businesses such as APT Travel, PYS Travel and Trans Viet Travel affirmed to cooperate with STDe and Ha Giang in putting this product into practice in order to stimulate and develop the province’s potential.
Also at the seminar, STDe presented the “Duong Lam in harvest season” tour to Hanoi Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Son Tay Town and the management board of Duong Lam ancient village. The organisation also held a signing ceremony of cooperation, investment and development proceedings tour “Duong Lam in harvest season” and “Happiness Road”.
Thu Ha