Dong Nai: FDI Attraction Exceeds Target

4:59:36 PM | 27/6/2016

Dong Nai has attracted 97 FDI projects worth over US$ 1.01 billion in the first half of 2016, exceeding its US$ 1 billion target for the whole year.

There are 53 newly licensed projects with a total capital of nearly US$400 million and 42 others with US$600 million additional capital, said Cao Tien Dung, Head of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment.

Notably, Dong Won Viet Nam Company invested in a US$ 60 million fabric production project; Shing Mark Vina company poured US$100 million into a furniture decoration project; and Hewaseung Vina company spent US$70 million in a footwear production factory.

In January-June, Dong Nai’s FDI projects are  from investors from Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Taiwan (China) mainly focusing on the auxiliary industries and electronics accessories.

Foreign investors preferred industrial parks in Nhon Trach, Long Thanh and Trang Bom districts and Bien Hoa city.

These projects are expected to attract a large number of high-quality workers.

Up to now, foreign investors from 43 countries and territories have invested in the southern province with more with over 1,600 projects valuing nearly US$ 29 billion; in which, more than 1,200 projects are valid with a total capital of over US$24 billion.