Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority: 20 Years Siding with Businesses

6:48:09 PM | 26/12/2016

The Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority was formerly the Song Be Industrial Zones Management Board founded on November 15, 1955. Starting with certain difficulties, the authority is always united and endeavoured to fulfil all tasks assigned to ensure the sustainable development of all industrial parks in Binh Duong province.

Development history
After the Resolution of the fourth Plenary Meeting of the seventh Central Party Congress on industrialisation and modernisation was enacted, Song Be province quickly planned the formation of centralised industrial zones to draw investors. On December 28, 1994, the Government issued Decree 192/CP on regulations on industrial zones to lay the regulatory foundation for the development of industrial zones. The formation and development of industrial parks in Binh Duong province started in late 1995 with Song Than Industrial Park.

Stemming from State management requirements on industrial zones and actual conditions of Song Be province, on November 15, 1995, the Prime Minister issued Decision 751/TTg on the establishment of Song Be Industrial Zones Management Board on direct management of local industrial zones with functions and powers specified in the Article 20 of the Regulations on Industrial Zones. In September 1996, the Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park Management Board was set up to manage the Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP).

On January 1, 1997, Song Be province was split into Binh Duong province and Binh Phuoc province and the Management Board was renamed to the Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority which directly manages industrial parks in Binh Duong province, except for Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park. The authority also performs other State management functions concerning industrial zones such as investment licensing, foreign labour permit granting and accounting mechanism stipulated in the Article 27 of Regulations on Industrial Zones issued together with the Decree 36/CP of the Government dated April 24, 1997. The Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority is the first-class accounting agency affiliated to the central government. According to the Decision 100/TTg dated August 17, 2000 of the Prime Minister, the authority has been directly subordinated to the Provincial People’s Committee since 2001.

Siding with businesses
In the past 20 years, in spite of developing in the context of international and domestic volatile contexts, particularly two financial and monetary crises (1997-1998 and 2008-2009), industrial parks in the province still overcame difficulties for stable development. The above results came from the implementation of consistent solutions, including valuable supports for enterprises and assisting the performance of tenants. The authority has thoroughly carried out the policy “rolling out the flowered carpet to welcome investors”, respected opinions from enterprises, and quickly resolved administrative procedures for tenants.

Since 2004, the authority has formally launched the one-stop single-window mechanism in settlement of administrative procedures, while applying the advanced quality management system, ISO 9001:2008. In 2011, the authority upgraded a registered electronic mechanism and online administrative procedures.

Applying one-stop single-window mechanism to administrative procedures, information technology and quality management system helped reduced the service time and costs for businesses, and built up the trust of enterprises.

Despite initial difficulties and limitations in facilities, personnel and policies, in the past 20 years, the entire staff of the Binh Duong Industrial Zones Authority always unites and learns from each other to overcome difficulties to complete all assigned tasks. The authority has always supported industrial park developers to attract investors, facilitated tenants to have stable and fast-growing operations. The development of industrial parks has helped prop up rapid development and quick economic transformation towards industry and service, create jobs for local workers, form new residential areas and enhance spiritual and material life of people.

Quoc Hung - Han Luong